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ETS Subaru WRX 2015 Axleback Midpipe

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Great product

This midpipe converts your ETS axleback to a catback exhaust.


2.5" Axle Back - No Mufflers - ETS 2.5" Y-Pipe

2.5" Axle Back Exhaust - with Mufflers- ETS 2.5" Y-Pipe



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  • Why are there certain vendors not carrying you axlebacks on their product list for the 15+ wrx

    Not sure. Vendors get to decide what they want to advertise. You can purchase directly from us if you need a set.

  • I purchased the ETS axlebacks and now want to get the midpipe. I just want to make sure that when you say the 3.0" midpipe chokes up to the 2.5" rear sections of the Ypipe, the ETS axle backs I have now will fit altogether with these components?

    It will fit with this specific mid-pipe yes. But I would strongly suggest a full catback. It is a true 3.0" exhaust system and will not choke up at any time. Giving some true performance benefits.

  • I have a 3 inch axel back from ets will this 2.5 pipe fit to covert to catback ?

    ETS Axleback systems are 2.5". Only the catback rear sections are 3.0"

  • I’m rocking a oem midpipe and y pipe with remark 2.5 axle back muffler deletes. Just wondering, will this work if I bought this and install it?

    Unfortunately, I do not know. We generally do not fit our parts with competitors products so I can not 100% guarantee that. With that being said, I would suggest getting a full 3.0" catback if you are looking to go that route. An Axleback midpipe is 3.0" but is then choked up at the 2.5" rear sections. Just something to consider.