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ETS 2015+ Subaru WRX Front Mount Intercooler Kit

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2015+ ets fmic
**Currently we are out of this intercooler core. Build time is roughly 5-6 weeks.**


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  • Can the ets front mount kit fit with the boomba bpv if you select stock bov location?

    Yes it will.

  • Do you use a gasket or the oem “O” ring we’re it bolts to the turbo

    We do not. We supply a replacement gasket for that location.

  • Does the kit with the tial bov flange come the hose to recirculate the pressure? or would i have to get something from a hardware store?

    The Tial Flange on the WRX kit when combined with a QR BOV (1.15" Outlet) will recirc using our recirc hose we include. 

  • Would the core of the ETS front mount fit any other fmic piping?

    No, the inlet/outlet location and angle are specific to our kit.

  • Will it fit with a Perrin heat shield that comes with the cold air intake?

    The WRX FMIC does fit with the Perrin intake.

  • can you use the cobb big sf intake with this or does the air box get in the way?

    The WRX model works with the air box no problem.

  • Does the intercooler come in any other colors? I dont see an option in the ordering area but I've heard you can get it in blue, black, gold and purple.

    Yep, that is the anodize option in the drop down menus.

  • Can i use the Cobb LF ByPass Valve on this?

    You can, that is a stock BOV flange!

  • Where can I find the install guide for the 2015 FMIC kit? Not seeing anything online and one of your answers in the Q&A section says it does exist

    Please shoot us an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com requesting install instructions.  Thank you!

  • Can I use a Boomba BPV with this kit?

    Yes, the boomba is a stock replacement BOV and will work with a stock BOV flange.

  • With purchasing this entire kit as well as the BRZ manifold kit, would I need to purchase the cold side piping kit as well? Or does this intercooler come with all piping necessary? Just trying to figure out what exactly I need to run this intercooler as well as the BRZ manifold kit. Thank you!

    This is an entire IC kit. You would not need to purchase anything else. Other then the BRZ intake mani

  • If I pick the ibr brz dose it come with the cold pipe for the brz manifold?

    Yes, if you select the IBR BRZ Intake option it will come with the complete piping setup for the BRZ Intake manifold.

  • Are install Instructions available for this part?

    We do have an install guide available

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