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ETS Focus RS Exhaust System (with Mufflers)

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Note: The mid-pipe design has changed. New picture coming soon.

Exhaust System

The ETS Exhaust system is made right here at our facility! The exhaust system features a 3.0" mid pipe that tucks up tightly against the underside of the vehicle giving you more ground clearance then any other exhaust on the market. The mid pipe connects to the muffler section using a 3.0" v-band connection. The v-band connection provides a leak free seal and allows for a quick change race pipe for the drag strip! The muffler section consist of two straight through resonators that route into two hand built 4.5" round stainless steel tips. Each tip is centered perfectly in the bumper opening.


  • Full 3.0" Stainless Steel
  • 3.0" Diameter
  • 2x - 3.0" Straight Through Resonators
  • 2x - 4.5" Brushed Tips
  • Perfectly Centered Tips
  • Stock Mounting Location
  • Includes All Hardware


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  • Good afternoon, I have already bought an ETS extreme exhaust but want to be able to change from no mufflers to mufflers when I want. Is it possible for me to purchase the rear section of the standard ETS exhaust with mufflers.

    We can sell you just a rear section and that is as easy as pulling a Vband and swapping in a new rear section. Only takes a few minutes.