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ETS Subaru/Mitsubishi Adapter Gasket Kit

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This gasket kit increases the surface area of the flange to ensure a better mating surface between your stock components and your ETS parts and includes the following:

2.50" Graphite 2-Bolt Adapter Gasket (Stock Flange) 
ETS Adapter Plate - Middle Sandwich Plate
3.00" Vibrant Metallic 2-Bolt Gasket (ETS Flange)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nestor Roldan
ETS Gasket Kit Adapter

It's great product and looks good. Does it's jotb exceptionally

Alan Stead
ETS V3 Dual Muffler

I decided to order the exhaust directly from ETS, and I'm glad I did. The customer service responded to my queries about how my order was progressing, even when they expected it to be welded by the factory. Shipping to the UK was very quick, with great tracking details.

The exhaust is definitely worth the money, the quality of welding was first class, I admired it for a couple of days before fitting it it to the car, which was easy to do with all the necessary fixings included. The exhaust note is great, giving the car a lovely unique burble. And the power gain through the RPM range was a noticeable improvement over the OEM exhaust it replaced.

Carlington Brissett
Works Great!

The adapter flange works great. As recommended, please ensure that you put an exhaust gasket on either side when fitting it to the exhaust pipes. So far it’s working. Hassle free shopping and delivery. Thanks ETS!

Christopher Lee
Fast shipping and helpful team

Had an exhaust leak on the Evo x because I was doing the wrong thing and using the adapter flange by itself without any gasket. ETS explained it to me and what I need to fix it. So far so good, the leak is fixed! Thank you ETS!

Alexandre Daudelin
Ets adapter flange

Works great

Zach Morgen
Easy install great product

As always Ets comes through. Thanks guys



Ask a Question
  • I have a borla cat back (2.75) at the flange and I want to put a test pipe (3in) and heard something about using this part to make sure there won’t be a exhaust leak. Will this work?

    Yup!  You will most likely need an adapter flange found at the link below.  This flange allows you to run a factory 2.75" gasket and a 3.0" gasket.   3" Test Pipe -> 3.0" Gasket -> Adapter Flange -> 2.75" Gasket -> 2.75" Exhaust System.

    Here is the link -  https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/products/ets-08-16-mitsubishi-evo-x-adapter-flange



  • Do you need to use a gasket on either side of the flange?

    Yes, both sides need a gasket. 1 side uses the stock gasket the other side uses a 3" gasket.

  • Does this adapter flange have to be welded to the stock CAT in order to run the ETS 3 inch catback? Or does the flange just go inbetween the two pipes with gaskets on each side?

    The flange is just used between the 2 parts to add sealing surface area. No welding is required.

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