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ETS 03-06 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 Test Pipe

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Thoughtful flange design

By far the best 2-bolt flange I’ve had the pleasure of using. It is evident that they took serious time in thinking out the design of the flange thick but cut-away to save weight while still reinforcing the flange from bending. Flange on exhaust system is the same way. Makes for an extremely solid connection that wont bend and allow air leaks.

If they didn’t design and fabricate these they were smart to aquire them and use them on the exhaust parts

Extreme Turbo Systems Evolution IX and VIII test pipe with high flow catalytic converter. This is designed to provide the most flow possible while still allowing you to retain emissions. This ETS Evo 8 9 Test pipe frees up a ton of flow and allows for your turbo to spool much faster. As an industry leader in the Evolution market, we have hours of research and development into all of our products. 


  • 3" full stainless steel construction
  • High flow catalytic converter
  • 100% Made in the USA




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  • Wondering if this might bolt up in place of test pipe for a sheepeybuilt ff kit

    We have never ran a Sheepey kit, I am not sure