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ETS 04-07 Subaru STI Front Mount Intercooler Kit

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Darrin Howard
Great product

Everything fits great. I did have a couple questions and ets responded quickly. Great products!

Lawrence Greenberg

ETS 04-07 Subaru STI Front Mount Intercooler Kit

Mark Daniel

Perfect Fitment!

Vadim Iskhakov
2008 Forester STI

Great Product, FMIC is awesome, probably the best quality on the market today, install went smooth with few modifications on my part as this kit is not made for my FXT.

Would highly recommend.

Colorado Auto Tint

Dario Medo
FMIC Subaru Impreza WRX/STI 07

Everything is good! The quality is excellent!

07 wrx 3" front mount intercooler kit

I like how the blow off valve flange is welded directly to the intercooler piping compared to other kits which use a silicone coupler. Very nice



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  • is the anodized color the intercooler and the piping?

    Anodizing is for the intercooler only.

  • Will the rotated turbo configuration option work for a stock location turbo if I plan on upgrading in the future.

    No, if you want to run a stock location turbo first you will want to select the stock turbo option and the rotated turbo kit will include the other pipe you need to convert it later.

  • Will the intercooler piping come with an IAT bung for speed density? If not how can I request it upon ordering since I don't see the option

    Yes all piping kits include an IAT bung and the plug for the bung now.

  • Will this kit retain fog lights?

    On the 04-07 models you lose fog lights. 

  • What power numbers can I hit with a 4 inch intercooler? Curious cause I plan on going fully built eventually and don't want to buya intercooler and then have to resell and re-buy.

    The 4" core has seen over 1000WHP but typically we recommend it for applications up to about 800-850WHP. If you are making over or around that I would look into our 5" option.

  • Does this kit come with overflow tank and relocator

    This kit includes an overflow tank and relocating hardware.

  • Does this kit work for the wrx models? If not, why won’t it work?

    It would work, but you need to specify that it is a WRX. Also if it is a pre 04 car the chassis has variances that make it slightly more difficult to install. With that, it has definitely been done.

  • Dose the "ETS 04-07 SUBARU STI FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER KIT" come with a stock mount for my perrin BOV to bolt to?? thanks

    If you select the stock BOV option it will come flanged for the stock BOV and any stock replacement. It also sits in the factory location so the recirc hose will work with it.

  • does the "ETS 04-07 SUBARU STI FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER KIT" also fit a 06' WRX?

    There is an option to select 04-05 or 06-07. The kits are different.

  • What is the dimensions off the 4" core and the piping diameter

    2.5" piping diameter, 26"x11.5" for the core.

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