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ETS 08-14 Subaru STI Exhaust Manifold

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SKU: 200-20-EXM-001

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Extreme Turbo Systems has the best manifold solution for your 08+ Subaru STI. We prioritized flow and craftsmanship with this ETS manifold. With a tubular manifold, weld quality is of the highest priority. These are hand ported from the head flange to the end of the runner. With the flow improvement supplied by this manifold, your turbo will spool faster and harder, and exhaust temp will remain lower.


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  • does this fit with the killer b oil pan ?

    yes it does

  • Is this the same exhaust manifold that comes with the Turbo kit?

    It is!

  • Does this manifold fit with killer b oil pan?

    Yes it does

  • Two actually. Do any of you manifolds have any kind of warranty? Also, will you be making a stock location turbo kit for the g25-550 internally gated turbo?

    We do make kits for the g25. But we do not do the internally gated. All ETS products have lifetime warranty's to the original purchaser. Warranties are voided if the product is coated or wrapped.