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ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X Test Pipe

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Its the best test pipe🙌🏻

Ets resonated test pipe

This test pipe is verry high quality from the piping to the welds. Would definitely recommend their products.. i want to thank Robert from sales for his awesome customer service !!!


ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X Test Pipe


So good

Exactly what I was looking for!

Swapped out the straight pipe test pipe for this resonated pipe and its exactly what I wanted. Brought the sound down to an adult level where its comfortable to drive and doesnt hurt the power. You'd never know the car was just shy of 500whp until I got on it and that O2 dump starts screaming and I'm ripping away. Exhaust sounds better and deeper as well. Once its warmed up it's really not very loud at all.

The  ETS  Evolution X High Flow Cat Test Pipe is a direct replacement of the factory catalytic pipe.  This has been  dyno  tested for a  10-15whp  increase over the factory catalytic pipe.  Works with factory downpipe and factory exhaust system as well as any other aftermarket exhaust system that mounts in the factory location.


  • Direct Replacement J-Pipe O2 Bung (Prevents Check Engine Lights)
  • Wideband Bung w/ Plug included
  • Stainless Steel
  • Factory bend to clear the driveshaft unlike the competitors who use a straight pipe that will rub against the driveshaft.
  • 200 Cell High Flow Cat - Metal Core


Catalytic Converter Dimensions
Inlet Diameter - 3"
Outlet Diameter - 3"
Outer Shell Size - 4.00" O.D.
Overall Length - 10"  
Metal Core Catalytic Converters are superior to traditional ceramic core converters in many ways:  
- 100% Stainless Steel construction
- Metal Monolith is much more resistant to the effects of vibration than traditional ceramic bricks and capable of withstanding higher operating temperatures.
- 200 cell per Sq. Inch catalyst flows at 578 CFM, up to 40% better than a typical ceramic core converter.
Note: Dyno Graph is of the standard test pipe for reference.


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  • What are the difference between the 3 of them?

    The GESI version has a GESI High Flow Catalytic converter in it which is for emmisions. 

    The regular catted version just has a 200 cell high flow catalytic converter. 

    The Resonated option includes a 3" bottle style resonator to help eliminate drone and offer a slight reduction in noise.

    The straight through option is just that. Straight through test pipe.

  • Does this item come with a new gasket, or does it have to be purchased separately?

    Gaskets and everything you need to bolt it on the car.

  • Would this pass in California emissions?

    These are not CARB approved.

  • Hi there! Was wondering what the difference was exactly between your HFC and your GESI HFC. Thanks!

    Gesi claims to get the car through emissions testing while having no effect on flow at all. It is just a higher quality catalytic converter

  • Does this Test Pipe work on a Mitsubishi Ralliart?

    Yes, this works on the Evo X and the Ralliart.