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ETS Focus RS Intercooler Kit

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Extreme Turbo Systems Focus RS Front Mount Intercooler

The ETS Ford Focus RS Intercooler is easiest way to improve power by eliminating heatsoak  which drastically effect the performance of your vehicle.  Factory calibrations start reducing timing once charge air temps reach 100 ° and the higher they get the more the reduction. Upgraded intercoolers prevent cars from heatsoaking and keep  charge air temps within 10-20 degrees  within ambient to ensure you have consistent power output on the street, track, and circuit.  


  • 26x8.75x4 core size
  • Direct bolt on
  • No cuttings or drilling
  • 2.5" inlet/outlet
  • Average 35% reduction in charge air temps
  • Built in the USA
  • Availabled in Silver, Black, Blue, Gold, Red or Purple

The guys over at Blake's Garage did a great job with this install video.   Check out the video and give them a follow!    

ETS Ford Focus RS Intercooler Piping Kit Upgrade

This is a direct bolt on for the ETS intercooler or the factory intercooler, so you do not have to purchase one to have the other. From testing we immediately saw an increase in boost without even changing the tune, and overall everything performed better. This was last part installed before we went from a 12.2 to a 11.9 with www.theshopct.com's Focus RS.

ETS Focus RS  Intercooler Pipe Kit Comes with:

  • - 2.5" hotside and cold side charge pipes
  • - ETS High Quality Silicone Couplers
  • - ETS Stainless T-bolt Clamps
  • - Powdercoated Black finish


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  • What is the difference between the 4" vs the 5" other than the size. Is the cooling increased and will any modifications have to be made to the car to fit the 5 inch intercooler.

    Just the cooling ability of the charge air and its flow rating. The 5" would be aimed for the 500+WHP cars on bigger turbos. The 5" option does require cutting to the bumper while the 4" option just bolts on.

  • Going to order this is near future. Can I get it black? Not an option on this screen, but is available when ordering the intercooler separate from piping

    100%!  You have to select the stencil option and then the anodizing option will appear.  It's a little goofy, but we're working through it.  Thank you!

  • Does it fit with focus st ?

    It will not fit the Focus ST

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