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ETS Mitsubishi Evo X Intercooler Kit

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ETS Mitsubishi Evo X Intercooler Kit

Record-setting research and development! The cleanest and best flowing Evo X intercooler kit on the market. With stealthy wrinkle black piping this kit bolts right up to your car. No cutting or modification. Bolt it in, and let it rip.


  • Pressure checked at  35psi.
  • Bolt on design to retain crash beam.
  • Fills entire grill with core.
  • Stainless steel t-bolt clamps.
  • 4-ply couplers.
  • Includes all mounting hardware.
  • 20x12x3.0  Bar & Plate Core -  700hp  Direct Replacement - 10WHP increase over stock (without tune)
  • 20x12x3.5  Bar & Plate Core -  750hp  Direct Replacement - 15WHP increase over stock (without tune)
  • 20x12x4.0  Bar & Plate Core -  820hp  Direct Replacement - 22WHP increase over stock (without tune)
  • Intercooler  Only fits  GSR  and MR.  It will also fit the  Ralliart  with an upgraded  Evo  X Upper Pipe.

This is the same intercooler we run on our record setting 8 second pass.


The ETS EVO X intercooler piping kit is next in line and is a very cool modular package.   The upper intercooler piping starts with a smooth mandrel bent 2.5" stock turbo outlet pipe which connects to the remainder of the hot side piping.   The stock turbo outlet pipe is separate to allow it to be swapped out with the installation of our EVO X turbo kit to come so that the remainder of the upper piping can be retained.   This ensures that you never have to "upgrade an upgrade" and spend more money on a new upper pipe when it comes time for a turbo kit.   Making the connection from the turbo outlet pipe to the intercooler is a single-piece mandrel bent 2.5" upper intercooler pipe.   From the intercooler outlet, the 2.5" mandrel-bent piping continues around the core support, with only two gradual radius bends in its entire length, to the lower intercooler pipe bracket before making a straight shot to the throttle body.  


ETS 4-ply silicone and 100% SS T-bolt clamps are included for every connection to ensure that blown off intercooler piping stays a thing of the past



Customer Reviews

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Travis Wiganowsky

It was amazing!! Fit great and looks awesome. Only thing I would change if someone, like in my case, gets an atmospheric bov it would be nice to get a plug for the intake pipe. (Ets intake) other than that. Great kit!!

Steven Truong

Great product, added titanium upper and lower pipes and they are absolutely beautiful with the burnt finish!!

Thanks for posting pictures of your install, everything looks great!

-Team ETS

Hember Diaz
Evo x 4" ets intercooler

Highly recommended high quality perfect fitment

Eh Htoo
Look Amazing

I got my 4inch kit and I absolutely love it.

Aden Hubbard
3.5in intercooler

Super fast shipping and looks immaculate. ETS always out here killing the game.

Enrique Lo

Good Good thank



Ask a Question
  • Hey guys will the evo x intercooler set up fit into the Ralliart without modification? Thanks

    Yes, but you will need to run an Evo X upper intercooler piping kit as well.

  • Do you ship to California

    We are not currently shipping to California addresses as of 10/8/21

  • What material is the intercooler piping made of?

    Our intercooler piping is made from 304 Stainless Steel

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