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ETS 2015+ Subaru WRX Turbo Kit

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  • Precision Ball Bearing Turbocharger
  • Vband Inlet/Outlet Turbine Housing
  • Tubular manifold
  • Twin 38mm wastegates (optimal boost control)
  • Twin dump tubes
  • Downpipe
  • Oil feed and return
  • Water lines if needed
  • Hardware and Clamps
  • Optional Intake Adapter

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  • Pump Gas
  • 100% Factory Motor
  • Extreme Turbo Systems PT5858 Turbo Kit
  • Extreme Turbo Systems 3.5" Front Mount Intercooler Kit
  • Extreme Turbo Systems Exhaust System
  • Cobb AccessPort

2015 WRX World Record - 10.39 @ 139 mph -  The Evil Twin WRX

  • Tuned by Mikey Botti
  • Extreme Turbo Systems PT5862 Turbo Kit
  • Extreme Turbo Systems 3.5" Front Mount Intercooler Kit
  • Cobb AccessPort



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  • Im looking to make around 400 wheel horsepower on my 2016 wrx and i am not sure which turbo would be able to get me there and still be reliable. I also do not want to get to large of a turbo.

    PTE5558 Gen II would be perfect for that.

  • None of them list the HP threshold. Can you please specify on every model number?

    An easier way to do this is reaching out to us with a horsepower goal, and we can turn you onto the correct turbo for your needs.

  • What the max hp for this kit ? Whats the max the a wrx transmission stock can handle l?

    We can do up to a 6870 turbo and then the kit would be 900+ capable.

  • I know you say intake is different is the box different?

    The airbox is the same

  • If I already have the intake kit for the stock turbo can I skip that option for the turbo kit?

    It will not, the inlet on a bigger turbo is much larger than a stock turbo.