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ETS 08-15 Mitsubishi Evo X Intercooler

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Record-setting research and development! The obvious tie-in between the UICP and LICP is the ETS EVO X Intercooler. Making certain to hold this unit to the standard of our EVO VIII/IX intercoolers, this unit is a tour de force inefficiency, distribution, and flow. The factory inlet Evolution X and out locations allow for the inlet and outlet to be at diagonally opposing corners of the core. This provides the best possible airflow distribution through the core's height making sure that all charge rows are used effectively. The AutoCAD drawn endtanks are as smooth as on our previous EVO intercooler with aluminum metal forming that looks more like artwork than endtank. Between the tanks is any one of our sizing options with 3", 3.5" or 4" intercoolers as BOLT-ON designs behind the factory crash beam and above the factory undertray. The intercooler is available separately or in a complete kit with UICP and LICP included and black anodizing, ETS stenciled logo, polishing and other options are all available!


  • Pressure checked at 35psi.
  • Bolt on design to retain crash beam.
  • Fills entire grill with core.
  • Stainless steel t-bolt clamps.
  • 4-ply couplers.
  • Includes all mounting hardware.
  • 20x12x3.0 Bar & Plate Core - 700hp Direct Replacement - 10WHP increase over stock (without tune)
  • 20x12x3.5 Bar & Plate Core - 750hp Direct Replacement - 15WHP increase over stock (without tune)
  • 20x12x4.0 Bar & Plate Core - 820hp Direct Replacement - 22WHP increase over stock (without tune)
  • Intercooler Only fits GSR and MR. It will also fit the Ralliart with an upgraded Evo X Upper Pipe.

This is the same intercooler we run on our record setting 9 second pass.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Yael R
EVO X turbo kit

Guys at ETS were amazing, helped me with my customized turbo kit and everything looks great.

Chad Wallace
Perfect look

Fitment was superb and so was the quality. Came in anodized black with all needed couplers and clamps.

Eric Eleison
3 5 intercooler

Look great and fit perfectly .

Punlork Suom

Sound amazing

Juan Sanchez

Im in love with this intercooler and cant wait to have it mounted on my evo x... well done finished and quality as usual thx guys !!!

Quin Hall

Love this intercooler



Ask a Question
  • Hello! Feels weird asking this in 2022 but ill try! Just bought a beautiful MR 2010. My question is, with an AMS CAI (the one with the typhoon filter in an enclosed box, like stock, lots of rain here so i dont wanna risk it), and a Turbosmart dual port BOV, the big red head one;: Wich UPPER FRONT pipe should I get? I want to get a titanium one, I just dont know if the Upper piping kit Upper front 90 degree pipe Upper rear pipe Thank you!

    You will want to get both the 90 and the rear section to make a complete upper piping kit.  Here is a link - 


  • Does the 5” intercooler have any fitment issues?

    You will need to trim the front crash beam and bumper cover to fit a 5.0" intercooler.

  • Will the 2.5 fit with stock piping?

    Yes it will.

  • Can I get the ETS stencil in white?

    Yes, just put it in your order notes on checkout. 

  • Can this intercooler be shipped to California?

    No, these aren't CARB approved.

  • Hi guys, after the 5" in silver, no stencil. We're a shop in Australia, but don't have any distributors (that we trust) here locally. Are you able to supply direct?

    Yes we can

  • What would wait time be to ship a 4 inch evo x intercooler anodized purple ?

    That would be about 1 1/2 week turn around. Anodizing takes a week or two.

  • I know ive seen some full color ets color intercoolers how much are they ? Lets say purple ?

    It depends on the intercooler thickness but the anodize (color) option is on the website and you can select it from the drop down menus.

  • Does the upper pipping fit perfectly on a swap for the ets intercooler on a ralliart pr will it be a little short ?

    If you are running our intercooler and UICP it will fit perfectly. Our UICP doesn't work with the ralliart intercooler though.

  • Do you guys have a warranty?

    ETS intercoolers carry a limited manufacturer's warranty from defects.

  • Can I get a colored stencil?

    Yes, just specify what color you want in the order notes.

  • Hi can I know what's the weight for a 3 inch thick intercooler core?

    The 3" cooler is 19lbs.

  • I’m wanting to get the 4” intercooler, for my evo x 4b11 does it come with all the inter cooling piping and clamps needed or is this just for the inter cooler?

    This is just the IC, piping can be found at this link. https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/evo-x-intercooler-piping/products/ets-mitsubishi-evo-x-and-evolution-x-intercooler-piping-kit

  • Do you guys sell the black color intercooler? with white stencil

    We do, just select black anodizing and yes on the stencil. White is our go to for the dark anodizing.

  • I have a stock EVO X 2009/2010 SST. Which one should i buy without having to change the pipes? I want to just switch the intercooler without any setup.

    All of the coolers work with stock piping. We recommend the 3.5" coolers for anything from a stock turbo up to around the 550-600WHP range.

  • I have a stock 2011 GSR. I have plans to build over 500hp. Would the 4” be my best bet? And would this require a tune as well?

    4.0" or 3.5" will work, 4.0" will work better. It will not require a tune, but it is strongly suggested.

  • Hi there! I currently have the K&N Typhoon cold air intake system, otherwise stock and was wondering if the 3.5" would be to large? I also plan on going full bolt ons. Thanks! 2008 Evo X GSR.

    3.5" will work great for your setup and full bolt ons.

  • Planning on my final build here soon. Long story short I'm swapping manufacturers. What size would you recommend for 750 to 800whp?

    4.0" will do it, but a 5.0" will do it better. A 4.0" would likely heat soak after some spirited driving, where a 5.0" is going to hold low intake temps for an extended period of time.

  • What type of aluminum is this intercoler made out off?

    We use 5052 Aluminum because it allows us to fold the material for the end tanks.

  • I have a fully stock Evo X 2009 would the 4” inter cooler bolt straight on or would I need to go for a smaller one?

    4.0" would be good if you plan to grow with the car. If you plan to stay stock, I would go 3.5".

  • is this front mount intercooler fits on my 2015 evo x?

    Yes it does!

  • Hello, i have an evo x with a factory upgraded turbo to a 20g billet. I also have full bolt ons with stock ic. I currently have 380 whp ...would upgrading to the 3inch make a big difference ? or would the 3.5 be more noticiable. My current goal is 400whp.

    If you are looking for a performance upgrade I would go with the 3.5" option. It will work well for your setup.

  • Does the black retain a lot of heat compared to the silver?

    Any difference is going to be largely cosmetic, there won't be a marked performance difference between any of the anodized color options.

  • what size are the inlet and outlet for the 4 inch IC?

    Standard size outlets will be 2.5" on the 3", 3.5", and 4.0" core thicknesses

    5.0" and 6.0" cores will both get 3.0" inlet and outlet by default. 

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