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ETS 2020 C8 Corvette 

Home of the worlds quickest and fastest C8 Corvette - 8.64 @ 170mph!

Originally, we had plans to build an all-out drag C8, but truth be told, this C8 is more than capable of being an everyday street car. We built the engine using our ETS Spec rotating assembly and valvetrain. The heart of our C8 features one of our ETS PT6870 Turbo Kits, which can be purchased right on our website. This kit is capable of producing power ranging from 500 to 1500whp.

On the track, we've achieved a 3.59 second 60-130mph time and our best quarter-mile pass was 8.89 @ 165mph. We are still running the factory ECU calibration with our ETS Tuning Package. This package is capable of controlling our port injection, boost control (VSS, gear-based, etc.), automatic shifting in Race/Manual mode, dual wideband O2 sensors, and throttle control, making factory throttle closures a non-issue.

To our surprise, our transmission remains 100% stock with an upgraded clutch and a Dodson pressure box. Since we mostly use this vehicle for drag racing, we've equipped our shop car with a 15" LG wheel package. The best part about this build is that we can swap back to the factory wheels and drive on the street as if the car came from the factory, but with significantly more power.

Stay tuned as we continue to push the platform even further!

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    Results -

    • Worlds Quickest C8 1/4 Mile - 8.64 seconds (Video Link)
    • Worlds Fastest C8 1/4 Mile - 170mph
    • Worlds Highest Horsepower C8 - 1383whp
    • First C8 to make over 1000whp.
    • First C8 to run 9's in the 1/4 mile.
    • 60-130mph - 3.59 seconds
    • 1/4 Mile - 8.89 @ 165mph (10/22/23)
    • PT6870 @ 16psi - 951whp
    • PT6870 @ 23psi - 1278whp

    World Record Pass - 8.64 @ 170mph

    60-130 VBOX Time

    100-130mph VBOX Time

    Dyno Sheets -  1383whp (Highest HP C8 In The World)

    C8 Dyno

    C8 Dyno2

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