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ETS 2020+ Toyota Supra Exhaust Turn Down

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PART NUMBER: 900-20-EXH-017

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The true pop and bang exhaust for the true Supra racecar. Cut 55lbs in weight by eliminating the entire exhaust system. Simply run an ETS Downpipe with our 3.5" or 4.0" turn down for optimal flow and essentially no backpressure. This turndown is not for the faint of heart, your car will be the loudest popping and burbling machine on the street. Not only will your neighbor hate you, but your entire neighborhood will also hate you, and there neighbors neighbors too. If you are afraid your car will be too loud, we strongly suggest our full ETS Exhaust.

Surprisingly this fire-spitting turn down will not totally rice out your car. This turndown paired perfectly with this powerful BMW engine. It growls loudly and does not resemble your average grass cutters exhaust. It allows for a deep tone and leaves you grinning ear to ear with all the firey pops and bangs. Feel like a kid again in your new 2020 Supra.

Come with all clamps and hardware needed to mount it up!

Fits our ETS Downpipes! Just be sure you select the turn down that matches the outlet size on your downpipe. Those can be found here!


Turn down for what?

Turn down for fiery burbles and sweet turbo sounds!


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eric Leon
Coolest sounding exhaust for the 2020 SUPRA

Best sounding and loud exhaust and best price on the market if you are looking to gain a little power and have the turbo spool a little faster this is great not to mention it makes the supra sound like an f1 car at full throttle, note if you got a stock downpipe get the 3inch and not the 4inch Bc then you will have to make sum modifications to make it fit. Besides that no trouble with it

Donald Martin

Got here fast, and we an easy install

Chayen Yang
Fast shipping

It was a very easy process to order the turndown exhaust and had fast shipping. I had no troubles ordering through their site and no problem with shipping.

Isaiah Garcia
ETS turn down

100% would buy again. Great quality!



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  • Hi so I was wondering, does your ETS turn down exhaust only fit your ETS downpipe or can it fit into other downpipes. Thanks!

    This item will fit other downpipes as long as the downpipe outlet is the same size as factory (3.15").

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