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ETS Nissan GT-R Pro Series Water/Air Intercooler

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PART NUMBER: 300-10-IC-026

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  • Self contained water/air intercooler with integrated ice box.
  • Internal sprinkler system (see video).
  • 13lbs heavier (without water) than a Super Race.
  • Custom designed high efficiency water/air core.
  • Less than 110 degree intake air temps during a 2400whp pull maxing out our Pro2100 turbo kit.


  • ETS Self Contained Water/Air Intercooler
  • 2x - Davies Craig 12v Brushless Water Pumps
  • 2x - Recirculation Pipes, Silicone Couplers and Clamps
  • 2x - Peterson Fluid Billet Filler Necks
  • Foam Crash Beam/Bumper Support Mount
  • Mounting tabs for factory lip support
  • Drain Plug
  • Includes all the necessary mounting hardware.


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  • is this suitable for a street driven car? or is this a race-specific a/w intercooler?

    You can use it on a street driven car if you install a heat exchanger setup but this is more geared to a drag setup.

  • Hello I would like to know if this intercooler is compatible with the engine radiator (because it’s very huge…) and if the size of the intercooler will reduce performances of radiator… Thanks

    This intercooler is really designed and intended to be used in drag racing applications. It does block radiator airflow, and there is no heat exchanger in this system as configured. 

    If you are needing something for more of a Road Race/Street Car application, you would be looking at an Air:Air setup like 'The Fridge'

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