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ETS Subaru 15+ STI Single Scroll Turbo Kit

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PART NUMBER: 200-30-TK-081

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The ETS Subaru STI Turbo Kit is one of the most complete kits on the market utilizing optimal intercooler pipe routing and a larger ported s-cover along with a wide variaty of turbochargers to match your performance needs. Our turbo kits are capable of supporting 300-1000hp+.


  • Rotated Placement.
  • Larger Ported S-Cover w/ Anti-Surge Housing.
  • Vband Inlet/Outlet Turbine Housing.
  • Wide variety of turbochargers to match your performance needs.


  • Turbocharger (PTE, FP or Garrett) 
  • 02 Bung in Downpipe
  • Wastegate 
  • 2 3/8" Up-Pipe (2 1/8" ID)
  • 2.5" Upper Intercooler Pipe (Under Intake Manifold)
  • 3.0" Downpipe
  • 1 3/4" Dump tube
  • 4.0" Speed Density Intake
  • Oil lines
  • Water lines if needed
  • Overflow Tank w/ Relocation Bracket
  • Couplers and Clamps

Up-pipe Options

  • 2-bolt - Connects to factory or aftermarket 2-bolt manifold.
  • 3-bolt - Connects to Tomei 3-bolt header.
  • Vband - Connects to ETS MaxFlow Manifold.
Turbo Options HP Rating
Gen2 PT5558 650
Gen2 PT5862 700
Gen2 PT6062 750
Gen2 PT6266 800
Gen2 PT6466 900
Gen2 PT6870 1100
GTX3076R 750
GTX3582 900
GTX3584 1000
G25-660 660
G30-770 770
G30-900 900
G35-1050 1050
Next Gen 6266 925
Next Gen 6466 1000
Next Gen 6670 1100


PLEASE NOTE: Orders with Precision turbos will get Precision wastegate(s). Orders with Garrett turbos will get TiAL Wastegate(s)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    The best all day

    Artemio Ilano IV
    Lots of Powaaa

    Best in the bizz!! ETS Rotated kit with pt6466
    ETS front mount intercooler paired with IAG fully built longblock with GSC cams, process west, IAG 76mm throtlle .. rowdy and spicy!! Thank you

    Artemio Ilano IV
    Lots of Power

    Ets rotated Bulletproof kit paired with IAG fully built Longblock, GSC stage 2 cams,process west, IAG 76mm throttle body, ETS front mount intercooler.. Rowdy and spicy..

    ETS kit

    Ordered the kit (w/ no turbo) and install was nearly plug & play. Still waiting to tune it.

    Best rotated kit

    Best rotated kit. 3rd rotated setup I've done on 3 different chassis and wouldn't go with anyone else. Always fits perfect 🥰

    Edgardo Cuevas
    744HP STI

    Awesome kit. Did 744hp with ETS rotated kit with G30-900 turbo. Looking to change the turbo to go bigger. Thanks ETS

    Thanks for posting, great numbers! Both the G35-900 and the G35-1050 will bolt up right in place of your G30-900 without making any other modifications to the kit.



    Ask a Question
    • I have a full bolt on 2021 sti, my question is, If I go 2 bolt, will it be compatible with the Equal length Killer B headers and is there a big difference from using your headers compared to Killer B? Also would it have fitment issues if I still have my stock intake manifold? The turbo I'd go with would be Precision Turbo 6466 BB Gen2. What are your thoughts?

      There is a noticeable difference in spool time and top end power production between our V2 Manifold and our closest competitors, this Facebook post contains a direct comparison between the two parts for reference


      The further from stock boost levels that you go, the greater the gain should potentially be. 

      With whichever option that you go with, there should be no issues with fitment on the intake manifold side.

    • If I purchase a kit with the 2 bolt option, would I be able to just by the V-Band Up-Pipe by itself if I were to want to use your header in the future?

      This is something that we would be able to do as long as you order the manifold + uppipe at the same time so that we can locate the flanges. The uppipe would be $550 in addition to the manifold price, and would come flanged for a wastegate. You will just need to indicate what turbocharger that you are running. 

      This is a special order only item, please send all enquiries to sales@extremeturbosystems.com  

    • Will the cold side piping from the turbo fit without tgv delete?

      Yes, a TGV delete is not required to install this kit.

    • Is the 6466 available with the 1.05 housing?

      We can absolutely build one that way, the stainless 1.05 housing does have an additional charge of $100 over the standard 6466. If you would like to order, give us a call or send an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com and we can build you a custom invoice.

    • What is included with no turbo (pte turbo)option?

      The only thing not included would be the turbocharger itself. You will still get the uppipe, downpipe, coolant/oil lines, and any mounting brackets and hardware.

    • Does the rotated setup also fit with an AMS intake

      Our turbo kit includes a specific turbo kit intake, so it will replace your existing intake.

    • Could u install this with a AOS and the ets fmic being your only other modifications and be fine

      Yes, you shouldn't have an issue installing an AOS.  We recommend contacting the manufacturer to verify fitment

    • does the Xona rotor 6564 turbo come ready to install? Or do i have to purchase the hot side housing of the turbo?

      If you select the option with the turbo it comes complete. clocked and ready to bolt on to the kit. 

    • Is this a rotated setup?

      yes it is.

    • Do you have an estimated release date for a new turbo kit to fit the Garrett G35-900? I run a 2016 STI. Thanks. Regards, Simon

      We need to update the website with the new options.  Please email sales@extremeturbosystems.com  for a price quote.

    • Will the two bolt uppipe fit the invidia equal length headers

      If the invidia header works with a factory up-pipe it will work with our 2-bolt turbo kit up-pipe.

    • I am running a mishimoto front mount on my 2016 sti. What all will I need to go with the rotated kit?

      Unfortunately we do not sell a piping kit that's compatiable with the Mishimoto FMIC.  Your cold side piping from the intercooler to the throttle body will be fine.  The hot side piping will most likely be ok from the intercooler to the fender.  The pipe that typically connects the turbo to the fender will need to be modified.  We do provide an under the intake manifold pipe with our rotated turbo kit, so you will just need to make or modify a pipe from our under the intake manifold pipe to the Mishimoto fender pipe.

    • Will this kit work with Cobb FMIC?

      It will require custom piping to make the kit connect to our rotated turbo kit but it will be close.

    • I would like to know what turbo I should choose in order to push 1000+ hp on my 2017 Subaru STI

      The Precision 6870 and the Xona 9567 are both 1000HP rated turbos.

    • Is tial 44mm ewg the only option. I've been told that higher boost/hp you want to run 38mm ewg.

      Yes, we only build them with a TiAL MVR (44mm). We have never had a boost control issue.

    • Is the picture you provide an accurate representation of what all is included with the kit? I don't see anything that represents a complete turbo inlet, ie ports to support MAF, AOS, PCV, and BPV circulation. I see that the description says you provide a 4" inlet for SD or 3" for MAF, but I don't see either. Thank you for any help!

      What you are seeing here is a Speed Density intake setup. So it will not support a MAF. Our kits are designed to vent to BOV to the atmosphere. This intake does come with two hose barbs to be used for whatever you need (AOS, PCV, Boost reference)

    • I have the stock location ets fmic. What piping needs to be changed when doing rotated kit?

      Just need the conversion kit https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/15-19-sti-intercoolers/products/ets-15-19-sti-rotated-intercooler-piping-conversion-kit

    • Does it come with tial ewg only or can you choose to turbosmart?

      We only offer TiAL products. They provide the best performance and fitment with our kits.

    • Do these bolt up to stock headers

      Yes, if you select the 2 bolt up pipe connection option it will bolt to the stock header.

    • For the pte6466 BB turbo. It doesnt give an option for hotside. Do we have the choice of .63 .82 or higher ornisnit whatever you guys send. Cause that turbo has multiple options else where.

      Generally, we go with an .82 AR but you can definitely put something different in your "order notes" section and we will change up the housing!

    • Is the 3bolt option for the tomei headers?

      Yes it is.

    • Is there any install instructions for this kit?

      No, but a lot of our customers have done install videos, that is a good resource.

    • Will the 2 bolt option bolt up to the stock header/ Killer-B elh?

      It will work with 2-bolt and 3-bolt. We just can't do it with the V-band set up.

    • Can this kits uppipe (if V-Band is selected) be connected to the Killer B Holy Headers?

      It can be, but the header would need to be sent to us so we could build the kit off of it. These kits are built as one piece.

    • Can this kit fit stock top mount intercooler?

      The kit does not work with our rotated turbo kit. A FMIC kit is required.

    • Can this kit be purchased/used with a PTE 6062 Gen. 2?

      Yes, you just select the 6062 turbo from the drop down menus under turbocharger if you want it included or if you already have the 6062 just select No turbo (PTE V-Band).

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