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ETS Subaru 15-21 WRX/ 15-18 STI Axleback System

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PART NUMBER: 200-30-EXH-002

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The ETS Axle-back exhaust for the 2015-2021 WRX and STI utilizes a full stainless steel construction. The axle back is 2.5" that mates to the stock 2 bolt flange. All gaskets are included to aid in ease of installation. This is the easiest way to get a little bit more noise and performance out of your WRX or STi.



- 2.5" SS Piping

- Includes Gaskets

- Quad 3.5" Double Wall tips

- Easy Installation

- Available with or without mufflers

- Increased Performance and Sound


Muffler Delete:

Customer Reviews

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ETS Axleback 2021 WRX

This was one of the easiest mod installations I have had thus far. Sounds great, just a little louder then the stock mufflers with very little drone. I plan on finishing the exhaust with the resonated midpipe in the Spring. Fast shipping also was a bonus.

Dennis Salamanca
ETS Axel back exhaust - blue tips

Easy install, very high quality on the weld and overall part, amazing amplified rumble sound from my WRX STI.

Alexander Szell
Sounds amazing

Make sure you put those gaskets on and tighten the bolts real good or you’ll hear your exhaust leaking



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  • I have seen a few comments regarding rusting tips??? I wanted to get this exhaust?? I am confused regarding it. I love it in Michigan so wanted to know.

    Our exhaust is made of T304 Stainless Steel. While T304 Stainless Steel does contain a high concentration of Nickel and Chromium when compared to Mild Carbon Steel, the main component is still Iron, which is prone to oxidation (rust). Keeping the tips clean and free from any moisture and chemical buildup is key to extending the life of your exhaust components, especially if you live in the Midwest/Northeast where they treat the roads in the winter.

  • Hello! I have a 2015 Sti and I already own the 3” ets cat back model but it’s the not extreme version.. I was wondering if I order just the extreme axel back version if I can just switch off the ones I have with the mufflers now to the extreme version.. is there a big difference in sound as well? I want to go as loud as possible without actually straight piping it. thank you!

    Make sure to purchase from this link, not the axleback link.  The axleback link will have a 2-bolt flange, where the catback has a 3.0" vband connection.  If you want loud, go with the extreme version!


  • Does it require a tune?

    Nope!  No tuning required for an axleback.

  • Do you plan to offer a version compatible with the 2019 STI exhaust? I love your products but don’t really want to buy a whole catback system right now. Thanks!

    The flange location and flange is different on the axle back unfortauntely. You can order the mid pipe conversion kit below to make it fit or you can order a complete catback and replace the whole catback.


  • Will this fit the stock y pipe of a 2015 sti?

    It will!

  • Will it fit a 2019 sti?

    Our axleback system does not fit the 2019 STI. However, our catback system fits with no issues. https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/15-19-sti-exhaust-systems/products/ets-subaru-sti-2015-catback-exhaust-system

  • Can I purchase the Axleback system and then purchase the Catback pipe at a later time?

    If you purchase an axleback and would like to add the midpipe later to make it a "Full Catback", you just need the Axleback Midpipe linked below


  • Since this Axleback doesnt fit 2019-2021 is there an Axleback that does fit? If so shouldn't the item state "ETS SUBARU 15-18 WRX/STI AXLEBACK SYSTEM" trying to avoid tuning

    An axleback or catback exhaust will have zero impact on tuning, you can feel free to bolt on a complete catback exhaust with no issues whatsoever. 

    Unfortunately, due to flange differences on the 19-21 the axlebacks are NOT Compatible and will not bolt up. We do not have an axleback exhaust for the 2019-2021 WRX/STI, only the full catback.

  • Is this ETS cat back will fit with Invidia R400 ??

    These axlebacks are designed to be stock replacements. If you can bolt up your stock mufflers to the R400 midpipe than you should be fine to use our axlebacks. 

    If you need a complete catback, we sell that product here - https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/15-19-sti-exhaust-systems/products/ets-subaru-wrxsti-2015-catback-exhaust-system

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