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ETS '22+ Subaru WRX Catback Exhaust System

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PART NUMBER: 200-60-EXH-001

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The ETS Cat-back exhaust for the new '22+ WRX is a made right here in our facility. This exhaust features a true 3.0 all the way through mid-pipe that connects to the rear section splitting into two 3" pipes and finished off with quad 3.5" tips. We use V-band connections on all connections (except the factory 2 bolt) for a leak proof seal! (no gaskets to blow out or replace.)


  • True 3.0" All The Way From Mating Flange To Muffler Tips (adapter included to fit stock downpipe if needed)
  • V-Band Connections For a Leak Proof Seal
  • Quad 3.5" Double Wall SS Tips in Polished, Anodized, or Stealth Black finish

Extreme - Non Resonated:

Extreme - Resonated:

Muffled - Non Resonated:

Muffled - Resonated:


*** Please note the blue tips will fade over time. This is common on all blue tipped exhaust systems ***

Customer Reviews

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Calvin Hanson
Extreme catback non res./muff. delete

The sheer volume of the exhaust is more than most videos can portray. Pops and crackles are frequent! The cabin volume at 3k rpm (~80mph in 6th) is almost too loud for having conversations with passengers but manageable-I don’t mind. I vibe with this system and so does everyone else on the road.

Alex Herwig

Exhaust sounds great and would 100% recommend if you need an exhaust

Jacob Schirmacher
ETS Catback 22

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the sound and quality of this exhaust. I would recommend this to anyone that’s look for a really nice rumble and wants to hear it every time you put your foot down. 10/10 would recommend!

Matt Vance
So glad I bought this

The sound on this is incredible. Just the right touch IMO

Brandon Buckingham
Love It!

Took my ‘22 WRX to a whole new level of driving excitement. LOVE the sound - window down in the dead of winter just to hear it.

Tim Leger

ETS '22+ Subaru WRX Catback Exhaust System



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  • Any update on if the catback muffled with resonator system will fit the ‘22 WRX GT?

    There shouldn't be any reason why this won't fit on an automatic, we just haven't had one in for test fitting. For context, the 15-21 WRX fit just fine at the catback, the CVT caused an issue with the j-pipe fitment.

  • the non muffled and non resonated cat back system will not cause a CEL(check engine light) correct? Also with the black stealth tips, I've had problems in the past with other brands having the paint chip or peel over time, how do they hold up? And last question although I'm sure you guys would include in the description, but this system does not need a tune correct?

    Catbacks and Axlebacks are post catalytic converter (hence CATback) and do not require any tune for proper operation, nor will it cause a CEL to trigger. We use Cerakote on the exhaust tips, which has proven to hold up well to the elements, abrasions, and fading.

  • I just ordered my 2022 WRX Limited with STI performance mufflers. Can I use these mufflers with your catback exhaust system?

    Negative, you're going to want to purchase the axleback midpipe if you would like to keep the "STI" Mufflers. Our catback exhaust has 3" V-Band flanges at the rear instead of the 2-Bolt Flanges. 

    Axleback Midpipe - https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/22-wrx-exhaust/products/ets-22-subaru-wrx-axleback-midpipe

  • Will this be compatible with the cvt transmission?

    We have not test fit on a WRX equipped with a CVT. On the previous generation the catback was not impacted by the transmission, only the J-Pipe section was incompatible.

  • Mine came with 3 different gaskets. Which one do i use? Do I use the stock gasket along with the ones that came it or delete stock one?

    The 2 gaskets and sandwich plate are intended to act as an adapter to the stock/stock size downpipe, you'll just have to line up flange size with the gaskets.

    Here is the correct order - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tABEkXOGwjM1vhnS4f2r-GpRpueTv_Hs/view?usp=sharing

  • Any chance there is an approximate measurement for the size of the box that it is shipped in?

    The catback ships in a 60x15x16 box that weighs between 48lbs-58lbs depending on the options for mufflers/resonator.

  • Question about the catback exhaust system for the 2022 WRX. Is the front mounting flange that connects to the downpipe stainless steel, and is it cast or machined? Thank you

    All of our exhaust flanges are made from stainless steel (excluding Titanium systems), and the front 2-bolt flange is a cast flange.

  • My gasket where my exhaust connects to my stock one got ripped and I need a replacement. Do you offer a replacement part

    We sell that gasket as part of a kit HERE

  • Would you have a sample video of extreme resonated cutback system?

    Here you go!


  • How loud is this exhaust in decibels?

    Subispeed put together a great video with DB readings.   Here is the link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43t9r1g7KtA

  • Does the cat back fit the 22 WRX wagon?

    This will not fit the WRX Sportswagon, the exhaust flange location and routing is different from the Sedan. We haven't seen the Sportswagon in the US yet, so there isn't any kind of ETA for us developing a catback on one at this time unfortunately.

  • I previously asked if the was "Any update on if the catback muffled with resonator system will fit the ‘22 WRX GT (w SPT/CVT)?" To follow up, I can now confirm that the catback muffled with resonator system did fit the ‘22 WRX GT with no issues. It sounds great! Thank you.

    Thank you for your feedback! The CVT transmission really should only cause a fitment concern with the J-Pipe due to the shape and mounting bracket location.

  • I just received my catback exhaust(resonated muffler delete) for my 22 WRX. There are 3 gaskets and I need to know the proper gasket arrangement from J-pipe to mid pipe. Thanks in advance.

    The gaskets should be in the following order (in direction of flow)

    Stock J-Pipe
    -Graphite gasket w/ 2.5" center diameter
    -Stainless adapter plate
    -Multilayer Vibrant 3" gasket 

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