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ETS Subaru WRX 2015+ Stock Turbo Intake

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Ets intake
Ets Intake
Great intake system
Best Quality Intake

Our intake system utilizes a stock size MAF housing that doesn't require any retuning. You can bolt this on and notice immediate performance gains! Our intake also utilizes a custom billet 5" velocity stack to help funnel as much air as quickly as possible through our intake. This combined with a huge K&N filter gives us the most filter surface area and flow possible. The filter is specifically placed to allow the use of the factory ram air duct. If you want to keep things looking stealthy under the hood we also have an airbox available as well (You can select this from the drop downs below). This helps to isolate the intake from the hot engine bay temps and provide the coldest and most direct intake charge. Backed by a lifetime warranty and the best customer service in the industry. You can buy this knowing it's going to fit and perform better than anything on the market.

We've designed our ETS 2015+ WRX intake to work with the factory tune, but for maximum performance, we still recommend a pro tune.

Above is a log file showing the difference between the factory tune with stock intake and the factory tune with an ETS intake. You can see the difference is .5 AFR leaner, which is still a safe AFR.

We also have a great testimony from Junior Barrios (JR Tuned) referencing power gains from installing JUST our ETS intake system.

"This car was tuned with the stock airbox setup, then again with only the addition of an ETS intake.
Very basic pump gas car and as you see the gains from the intake are substantial. Car is also overall safer now since it takes less effort to make power.

The only alteration to tuning between the two graphs was boost control. I had to lower the wastegate duty cycle to bring the boost back down to where I tuned it with the stock intake. It was over boosting by almost 4psi, but that would be a given since it €™s now able to actually pull in the air easier."

-JR Tuned

(Dyno Sheet Below)

Stainless Steel Construction
Wrinkle Black
3.0" Internal Diameter
No tune needed! Install and enjoy
5.0" cone filter for maximum surface area
Airbox that uses factory bumper ducting
Least turbulent path of any intake on the market
Hours of research and development
Made in the USA
Direct replacement. Installs in 30 minutes.
Fits any 2015+ WRX (can not have Subaru Eyesight)
Intake Pipe
2.75"-3.00" 45* Coupler
3.00" Straight Silicone
4x3.00" Worm Drive Clamps
MAF Adaptor
MAF Extension Harness
Dielectric Grease
K&N Custom Made ETS Filter
Hardware needed to install
Optional Airbox
    Aggressive yet subtle turbo noises
    Easier flowing
    Quicker spooling
    Easiest power and easiest install
    Increases intake diameter by a full 1/2 inch
    Lighter and more durable than a factory set up.



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      • Currently running MaPerformance stage 1 ots map I was wondering if I have to switch to Cobb OTS map

        Cobb doesn't offer an OTS map for our intake. You would either need to run a stock tune or go get a protune. 

      • Will this intake work with your front mount set up? Or will some parts like heat shield etc not be able to be used

        The complete intake will work with our Front mount intercooler kit.

      • do you ship to perth western australia how much would it be for the 2017 wrx ets cold air intake kit with box Plus shipping hammond park perth wa 6164 AUSTRALIA

        Yes we do! If you put your address in the checkout area the website will quote shipping before you ever have to put in any payment info.

      • Hi What the total weight of the package including the Airbox since I need to calculate shipping charges

        11 lbs boxed

      • If i wanted to run one of Cobbs ots tune would I need to run the stage 1 big sf tune?

        We do not recommend running the Cobb OTS Map w/ our intake.  We recommend talking to a Pro Tuner like Michael Adkins, JR Tuned, etc.  If you need a tuner contact or recommendation, please email sales@extremeturbosystems.com

      • With the airbox, would this work with the Cobb stage 1 OTS tune? I can't seem to find the stage 1+ for this intake from cobb.


        I'm currently running a Cobb Stage 1 tune on my 2015 WRX with an ETS intake and ETS airbox for the last year and a half and haven't had a single issue.  When we designed the ETS 15+ WRX Intake we designed the MAF housing to be simliar in size to the factory housing, which allows the AFR to stay consistent with the factory intake.  Our intake does lean the car around .5 AFR, but it's still within safe parameters.  You can definetly maximize the performance of your vehicle by getting a custom tune.  We do recommend monitoring your AFR, Knock and DAM as each car is different.  A pro tune will always net more horsepower and ensure your vehicle is running properly.

      • What is the best Turbo Inlet replacement hose that is compatible with this intake? Will the Perrin work with trimming?

        Our intake connects to the stock inlet piece that bolts to the turbo. An aftermarket inlet hose isn't needed as our intake would replace it.

      • Will this work fine with a 2017 STI? Or is this only for the WRX? I want a better intake without doing a tune right away. Thank you.

        This only works on the WRX. The WRX and STI don't share the same engine. The STI intake requires a tune.

      • I need a filter replacement, i cannot find a part number anywhere?


      • hello I live in Vancouver not far from you can I stop by and purchase the intake kit for a 2019 wrx or do I have to order it online only

        Feel free to swing by! You can also order online and select "will call" which speeds up the whole process. We will have it ready and up front for you when you arrive!

      • Does this fit a 2019 WRX?

        Yes it does

      • Are there any plans to get it carb certified? I would imagine most intakes cannot be Carb certified since they require a tune, but since yours is safe without a tune I would imagine it would work. I think I speak for every WRX owner in California, that we would love an option besides Mishimoto's garbage.

        Unfortunately, we have done what we can to get our parts CARB approved. Now it is simply a waiting game. We can sell catback's to CA, but that was about it.

      • Is this CARB legal?

        Unfortunately they are not CARB approved yet. We can't ship this to California for that reason.

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