2014 Nissan GT-R


ETS-G launches
ETS-G : 2014 Nissan GT-R
Driver – Gidi Chamdi
Max HP – 3500
Best ET – TBD


Continuing where the ETS-G left off, this version of the ETS-G is our ultimate attempt at the R35 Drag Record.

This car features our ETS Drag turbo system, with twin PTE 85/86 turbos, running at approx. 100psi Boost. Turning all this boost into mechanical energy is our ETS Drag Series Engine, utilizing a 7075 Crest CNC Billet Block, Ferrea Valve Train, Mahle Billet Pistons, and proprietary ETS head sealing technology. Once we turn 100psi into approx. 3500+WHP, power is transferred via a carbon DSS driveshaft to a Shep stage 6+ Nissan GR6 Transmission with Dodson Extreme Duty Gears, and ultimately out to the tire via DSS pro series axles. We have been using this same drivetrain set up since 2019, when we set the GTR Drag record of 6.54 which stood for 2 years until it was surpassed by George Dodworth with a 6.51. As we could clearly see that these ultra-high-powered GT-R’s would eventually get into the low 6 seconds. And, considering we had broken our rear suspension clean off the car during our last pass of 2019, for our final mod we decided to remove the interior of the unibody, and install a Dodson GT spec chassis.

In order to maintain the cars OEM GT-R Heritage, the stock Quarter, Rockers, Roof, Fenders, Etc. were all retained. We now have a very stout, true GT-R, which retains its Vr38, GR6, AWD, and Stock Body, capable of low 6 second passes. We are excited for 2023 and we look forward to competing for the r35 GT-R record once again.





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