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ETS Subaru STI 2015+ Front Mount Intercooler

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ETS Subaru 15-19 STI Front Mount Intercooler Only (No Piping)

The piping kits can be found here.

The key component to any good intercooler kit is the intercooler it self. All of our intercoolers use the same record setting core. It utilizes an unrivaled internal fin pack with its extremely efficient design. You can buy with confidence when buying the ETS intercoolers. You're getting the highest quality parts available for your car.

  • Pressure tested to 35 PSI
  • Hand fabricated and tig welded end tanks
  • Record setting core design
  • Huge 26"x11.5" core size
  • Built in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews

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Best in the biz if you want that powwwaaaa! :)

kevin alvarez

ETS Subaru STI 2015+ Front Mount Intercooler

Jonathan Jenkins

I was getting extremely frustrated after the 4th week because the shortage of cores. Once it arrived I was in love. The welds look like a roll of mini dimes laid out and it was by FAR worth the wait.

Michael Dennis
Great product

great product, very well made and fast shipping

Bradley Collins
Front mounted intercooler

Well built looks beautiful in black with blue ets would recommend to anyone

Victor Pereira
4” core

The quality of their products is truly outstanding. The anodizing was also amazing couldn’t be happier.



Ask a Question
  • I am trying to confirm if your 3" core will fit with a Perrin Oil Cooler. I think the hoses from the oil cooler will be an issue. Can you confirm if your front mount will fit?


  • Hello I have a 2017 STI. Base model I want to buy either a 5 inch or 4.5 inch intercooler but I’m concerned if the fit will not fit my OEM front bumper and if it fits I also have a Varis after market front bumper , could you guys help me

    The 4" option we sell will fit. The 5" option requires major cutting and probably won't fit the 17 model bumper cover. It is meant for 18+ bumper covers. 

    We don't have confirmed fitment on the Varis front bumper cover but based off pictures I think you could fit the 4" or 5" behind that.

  • What’s the difference between this intercooler and 2015 front mount intercooler ? Are the mount points different ? How about the charge pipe holes ?

    All 2015 intercoolers have the same mounting points.   04-07, 08-14 and 15-20 have their own unique design and are not interchangable between model years.



  • Does the 3.5 inch fit without modification to the front bumper

    Behind the fog lights will need to be trimmed to clear the intercooler.  Trimming is unnoticeable from the outside.

  • Will the 4 inch core fit behind the factory 2018 to 2020 bumper without modification?

    The bumper cover will need to be trimmed behind the fog light area to clear the intercooler.

  • What diameter are in the inlet and out let of your cores. Just trying to figure out if I can use my existing piping or not. Thanks.

    The inlet/outlets are 2.5" OD.

  • What's the difference between the 3in an 5in core and when would it be good to upgrade size? What's the power rating of 3in vs 5in. And I'd assume 5in would cause more lagg then 3in

    IC lag is not as noticeable as most people think. 5.0" is for full blow racecars. 3.0" is stock turbo cars.

  • I'm wanting to run apr brake cooling ducts will the 4 inch core clear the ducts?

    The intercooler works with factory fog lights. I don't see any reason it won't work with the brake ducts. They look like they take up about the same amount of space.

  • Do you have any install instructions or a video?

    Yes, there is a video on youtube a customer posted. 

    ETS 15+ Subaru STI FMIC Install

  • Will your FMIC system fit well with a Cobb SF intake kit on my '19 STI? Also are your headers EL or UEL? The picture looks like EL but I'd like to be sure!

    They are EL. It will fit with the intake. But you will not be able to run an airbox. Our intake system will fit without any hang-ups.

  • If the 5" core only fits w/ an 18+ bumper cover, what is the maximum core size that can fit under a 2015 bumper cover? Or all of the year differentiations for that matter?

    15-17 will fit anything under 5.0". It is 5.0" that requires an 18+ bumper

  • Does the 5 inch core fit on a 2016 Subaru STi?

    The 5" core only works if you run an 18+ bumper cover.

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