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ETS 15-21 Subaru WRX Front Mount Intercooler

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PART NUMBER: 200-40-IC-001

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Fed up with the persistent issue of heat soak? We completely understand your frustration!

It's high time to upgrade to an intercooler that has been specifically engineered for the 2015+ WRX, prioritizing top-notch performance. Unlike other manufacturers, we pride ourselves on the meticulous design of our cores, custom-tailored for each application. This unwavering commitment results in the absolute best-performing intercooler you can find in the market.

Our cores boast an ingenious configuration with offset and staggered internal and external fin packs. The external fin pack is densely packed to ensure maximum heat transfer, while the internal fin pack is less dense, promoting superior flow and optimizing overall performance. The true art lies in achieving the ideal balance between these two aspects, a feat we successfully accomplish for every application.

It's all too common for customers to be lured by cheaper alternatives. Unfortunately, these budget intercoolers come at a cost. Most of them employ a straight-through internal fin pack, resembling a tunnel rather than a splitter. Consequently, they yield significantly higher and hotter intake air temperatures, which in turn lead to adverse effects such as timing reduction, knock, misfires, and even detonation.

Introducing the ETS 2015+ WRX Intercooler, meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding performance!

The ETS 2015+ WRX Intercooler is designed  to perform! 

We start by strategically locating the inlets and outlets in the middle of the core, ensuring proper air distribution and optimal flow throughout. Each inlet and outlet undergoes meticulous hand porting to reduce turbulence and maximize airflow. In contrast, we've observed other manufacturers simply welding on a tube without deburring the inside, resulting in excessive turbulence that disrupts the smooth flow of air through the core.

The proof is in the results!

2015+ WRX World Record - Kozmic Motorsports

  • Kozmic also campaigns an STI using one of our off the shelf cores that has a PB of 8.05 @ 184!


Experience the power of our massive 26" wide intercooler core, meticulously engineered for unrivaled heat transfer and minimal pressure drop. With its impressive dimensions of 26" wide, 11.37" tall, and a choice of thickness options including 3.0", 3.5", 4.0", or 5.0", this intercooler delivers exceptional performance.

Constructed with precision, our intercooler features top-notch precision tig welded construction, ensuring durability and reliability under the most demanding conditions. The lightweight end tank design not only enhances efficiency but also reduces overall weight, contributing to improved handling and performance.

To optimize airflow and achieve maximum flow rates, we've carefully hand-ported the inlet and outlet. This meticulous process minimizes turbulence and guarantees optimal flow throughout the intercooler, resulting in enhanced performance.

As a testament to our commitment to quality and branding, the ETS logo is stenciled on the intercooler, adding a touch of distinction to your vehicle. Trust in the reliability and performance of our intercooler as you unleash the full potential of your vehicle.


    Our exceptional intercooler is available in a range of core thickness options to suit your specific needs. Choose from our versatile selection, including 3.0", 3.5", 4.0", and 5.0" core thicknesses.

    In addition to the various core thickness choices, we offer an array of core anodizing options for further customization. You can select from an impressive range of colors such as Blue, Red, Black, Gold, and Purple. This allows you to not only enhance the performance of your intercooler but also personalize its appearance to match your unique style and preferences.

    Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal with our intercooler and make a bold statement wherever you go.

      Quality Assurance

      At Extreme Turbo Systems, we prioritize quality assurance and ensure that every intercooler undergoes rigorous testing. Each intercooler is pressure tested up to 50 psi, guaranteeing its structural integrity and reliability.

      To maintain the highest standards, we have implemented a meticulous cleaning and inspection process for every product before shipment. This step ensures that you receive an intercooler that meets our stringent quality criteria.

      During shipment, we take extra precautions to protect the delicate fins of the intercooler. We carefully cover and shield them to prevent any damage that may occur during transportation. This attention to detail guarantees that your intercooler arrives in pristine condition.

      Furthermore, we take special care to seal the inlet and outlet tubes. This not only prevents any packing material from entering the intercooler but also serves as a barrier against debris during the installation process. This ensures that your intercooler remains free from contaminants, allowing for optimal performance.

      Rest assured that when you choose our intercoolers, you receive a product that has undergone rigorous testing, meticulous cleaning, and careful packaging. We are dedicated to delivering a high-quality intercooler that exceeds your expectations.


        • 2015+ Subaru WRX

      Intercooler Piping Kits (Sold Separately)

      Stainless Steel Intercooler Piping  - Wrinkle Black Powder Coat

        • Every ETS 2015+ WRX Intercooler Piping Kits is CNC mandrel bent out of 304 stainless steel for maximum performance, flow, durability and most of all, reliability.
        • ETS Spec 4-ply silicone couplers are designed for high heat/turbocharged applications.
        • High quality t-bolt clamps are provided to ensure a leak free seal.
        • Optional blow off valve flanges available  (Stock, TiAL, Turbosmart, Etc.)
        • High Quality Mounting Hardware

      2015 WRX Intercooler Piping - Wrinkle Black
      Titanium Intercooler Piping - Available In Brushed or Burn Finish

      The ETS 2015+ Cold Side Titanium Piping Kit is the perfect upgrade for those wanting to  maximize performance and shed weight.    We have a beautiful burned finish available as pictured below as well as a brushed finish for those that want to remain  inconspicuous.

      Available Titanium Finishes

        • Brushed (no color/raw finish)
        • Burned (as pictured below)

      2015+ WRX Titanium Intercooler Piping

        Optional Accessories (Sold Separately)

        Engine/Pulley Cover w/ ETS Logo and Anodized Fasteners

        After replacing the factory top mount intercooler with an aftermarket front mount intercooler you're left with  a shroud that has no real purpose.   Don't worry though,   we have you covered, literally!   The ETS Pulley/Engine cover is the perfect  upgrade to finish your engine bay.

        2015+ WRX Engine Cover

        Intake w/ Optional Airbox

        Looking to add some performance to your vehicle without sacrificing reliability?   The 2015+ ETS WRX Intake is your answer! All of our intake kits are designed for maximum flow and performance.

        The truth is in the filter!   We worked closely with K&N to develop a filter that meets our expectations and performance goals.   Unlike other filters on the market, the ETS filter is constructed with deep pleats for maximum surface area, rounded internal edges to prevent turbulence, and the largest flow area of any filter on the market for the 15+ WRX.

        Couple our custom spec'd ETS Filter with one of our in house designed billet velocity stacks and you have a combination for success!    

        2015+ WRX Intake


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 6 reviews
          The Gold Standard

          ran the 3.5" on the stock turbo for a while. performed great. big FA build and upgraded to the 5". fitment is snug but still works with the bumper. you also need to purchase the right size couplers since the 5" core has bigger inlets/outlets. Cant wait to shove 40+ psi into this thing and see how she does. Of course, top notch customer service from ETS as well

          Ibrahim Duman

          Came really fast and part was correct highly recommend them

          Kyle Moore
          Amazing FMIC

          Everything cam when it said it would and it was packaged extremely well. I love the red anodized color. 100% recommend.

          John T
          Awesome Quality!

          Love the look and fitment of this kit! The quality is absolutely amazing! Thank y’all for the great work!

          Must have, ditch any and all top mounts

          Fitment is on point and quality is to match.

          Roy T
          Resolved temperature issues

          Great fitment on the front mount, bolts right up and clears the bumper as stated. Stock intercooler was a huge bottleneck when trying to break 300whp, this made a night / day difference. Rating based on the quality of the product, although there are some caveats which should be noted.

          Few Notes:
          2016 WRX Limited -
          Required removal of crash beam and a bracket on the left + right side to fit intercooler / intercooler piping.

          Without ordering the ETS Chassis Support Brace you lose the tow hook / ability to side mount your plate.

          One of the horns I had to flip around / bend the bracket and reposition it (Its now behind the intercooler and facing the radiator.

          Second horn (passenger side) I relocated it to where the DRL resistor was and spun the horn so I could reconnect the power adapter. The intercooler piping kit doesn't clear the horn and if you have fog lights some cutting of the bumper is required. This is hidden behind the fog light covers and is minimal.



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