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ETS 2015+ Subaru WRX Turbo Kit

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The Evil Twins Mod List

Mikey Botti Dyno Tune

Cobb Access Port

ETS Turbo Kit with 5862 Turbo

ETS Front Mount Intercooler

Every Component Handcrafted
Vband Connection for Perfect Leak-Free Sealing
1.5" SCH 40 Hand Ported Manifold
Stock Turbo Location
5.0" cone filter for maximum surface area
Top of the line turbo manufactures 
Least turbulent path of any intake on the market 
Hours of research and development
Made in the USA
No cutting or trimming~Installs in 5 minutes.
Fits any 2015+ WRX
Precision Turbo Chargers (350whp-1200whp)
Exhaust Manifold
Dual Dump Tubes
02 Bung in Downpipe and Manifold
2 Piece Downpipe
Oil Feed and Return
Dual Tial MVS Wastegates
Handmade Sump Box
All vacuum line and hardware needed for install
K&N Custom Made ETS Filter
Full Turbokit Intake
Optional Airbox  
    Aggressive yet subtle turbo noises
    Easier flowing
    Quicker spooling
    Easiest power and easiest install
    Increases intake diameter by a full 1/2 inch
    Lighter and more durable than a factory set up.





        Ask a Question
        • What the wastegate spring pressure/color that’s comes with the 5858 kit

          We include 1.4 Bar wastegates in the kit. It includes a white (.6 Bar), blue (.5 Bar) and green(.3 Bar) spring.

        • Can I use this kit on a cvt transmission?

          Everything about the kit will fit minus the downpipe. The downpipe has a different bracket and would require some custom work to be made to fit.

        • what other mods are needed to support this kit? Or can you just slap it on a stock sti?

          This is for a WRX only. It does not fit an STI. 

          You can run this kit on a stock car if you make a custom pipe from the turbo kit to the factory TMIC. 

          If you want a complete bolt on solution we recommend getting our front mount intercooler kit as well.

        • Is a front FMIC necessary? Or would I be able to use a TMIC?

          What is the power goal for your car? 

          I would strongly strongly suggest an FMIC in 90% of situations.

        • Would I have to use the ets fmic or could I use a different fmic

          You could use a different cooler, but our hotside piping is needed to make this work.

        • can i get your ewg headers seperate from this kit?

          Unfortunately we don't sell these headers separate as they only work with our turbo kit.

        • Hiya which turbo kit would you recommend for 600hp fly wheel on 98 octane fuel

          A 6266 kit will make that power. A 6466 will do this as well with a bit of room to grow.

        • May i get phone number to call for exact parts i need

          Sure!  Give us a call at 360-896-3000 or email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com

        • If I wanted to make 600 hp, what would be the best kit for my 2017 wrx and what would be the cost?

          The 6062 gen 2 turbo option would be the best turbo choice for that power.

        • Which kit gives me the most Horsepower?

          The 6466 and the 6766 will make around the same power. I recommend the 6466.

        • I am looking to make 400+ hp. Which kit do I need without upgrading engine components?

          The 5558 gen 2 turbo will meet your goals.

        • I already have your ETS downpipe. Is it possible to order the whole kit without the downpipe? If so, how much would it cost then?

          The downpipe is needed because the turbo kit downpipe is different. The downpipe for your stock turbo will not work.

        • What type of downpipe does this turbo kit have and can I put any exhaust system on it?

          It has our own ETS downpipe made here in house. It will work with any exhaust that uses factory routing.

        • Will this fit a 2015 wrx cvt?

          Everything about the kit fits except the downpipe bracket. It could be made to work with some fab work though.

        • What are all the parts that this turbo kit have?

          Precision Ball Bearing Turbocharger Vband Inlet/Outlet Turbine Housing Tubular manifold Twin 38mm wastegates (optimal boost control) Twin dump tubes Downpipe Oil feed and return Hardware and Clamps Optional Intake Adapter (if selected from the drop down menus)

        • Im looking to make around 400 wheel horsepower on my 2016 wrx and i am not sure which turbo would be able to get me there and still be reliable. I also do not want to get to large of a turbo.

          PTE5558 Gen II would be perfect for that.

        • None of them list the HP threshold. Can you please specify on every model number?

          An easier way to do this is reaching out to us with a horsepower goal, and we can turn you onto the correct turbo for your needs.

        • What the max hp for this kit ? Whats the max the a wrx transmission stock can handle l?

          We can do up to a 6870 turbo and then the kit would be 900+ capable.

        • I know you say intake is different is the box different?

          The airbox is the same

        • If I already have the intake kit for the stock turbo can I skip that option for the turbo kit?

          It will not, the inlet on a bigger turbo is much larger than a stock turbo.