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ETS 15-21 WRX GESI Catted J-Pipe (Downpipe)

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PART NUMBER: 200-40-EXH-101

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  • 3.0" 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 304 Stainless Steel Flanges
  • CNC Mandrel Bent
  • Direct Factory Replacement
  • Supports over 800whp!
  • Gen 2 400 Cell GESI Catalytic Convertor Supports Up To 850whp! 
  • Please Note this product will not fit CVT models.


  • Significantly lowers back pressure for maximum flow and performance.
  • Throaty exhaust note.
  • Hand built in the USA.

Designed To Perform!

In response to changing emissions standards, GESi has developed a new proprietary coating technology and a new S-Wound core capable of effectively meeting the latest regulations, while still supporting the performance of late model high horsepower engines when needed.

  • 400 Cell GEN2 Series EPA Compliant models for vehicles 2017 and newer
  • Capable of supporting up to 850 HP per converter
  • Custom designed S-wound core for improved strength & performance
  • New proprietary coating to meet latest emissions regulations
  • High quality 304 Stainless Steel construction throughout
  • Double-Lock technology ensures substrate is locked in place
  • Ideal for forced induction and capable of withstanding up to 1,700F/ 925C

 Not for extended track use

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
2020 WRX J-Pipe

Shipped quick, received quick. Everything looked great coming out of the box, bolted up no problem. The toughest part was getting the stock j-pipe off. Patience and penetrating oil are key. Fitment and quality are both top-notch, paired with an AWE Track catback and couldn’t be happier.

Catted J pipe on WRX

This is the only Catted J pipe my tuner will use. Paired this with Cobb nex gen stage 2+ kit, and Cobb LF bpv and turbo inlet. Making around 292 wheel horsepower. Sounds amazing no check engine lights.

Tony Nguyen

Love my ETS. Got it put on and tune and have no CEL. Warm Idle is a bit quiet but might be due to my r400 catback.

Cam Pero-Cleveland
GESI Downpipe

Have the full turbo back system now with the ETS Extreme. Sounds great and no check engine lights after pro-tune

Ryan Lissau
GESI downpipe

My WRX got retunned so all the Greenspeed stuff took affect. I was getting a P0420 code cat low efficiency with my cobb catted downpipe. I asked ETS about there's and if it would help. I was told there GESI is a 400 cell cat. Long story short put the new downpipe on and the code hasn't come back. I do need to replace the down stream O2 sensor, but that's minor compared to what was going on. Thank you ETS for making quality parts, definitely going to replace the rest of my exhaust with yours.

Thanks for the review! We can't guarantee no CEL with our JPipe, but the GESI Catalytic Converters are the best chance that we've got to increase performance while mitigating the liklihood of a P0420 Code.

-Team ETS

Kolby Packard
Gesi down pipe

Absolutely beautiful product, awesome welds looks great and sounds even better! Super stoked with the choice I made



Ask a Question
  • I’ve seen that this downpipe MAY NOT fit on a cvt has anyone even tried I got the ETS extreme catback will be pointless if I go another route.

    Unfortunately the routing of our J-pipe does not fit vehicles equipped with CVT.

  • Do I need an adapter for this jpipe to stock midpipe/ypipe?

    We can include a series of gaskets that make up an adapter when using our catback with a stock downpipe/jpipe or vice versa. The order of these gaskets is as follows in the 3" downpipe to Stock Catback configuration: 

    Midpipe -> 2.5" Graphite Gasket -> Adapter Sandwich Plate -> 3" 2-bolt Gasket -> Downpipe

    You can also use an adapter if you would prefer to keep the donut connection, but it is not required to install the part.

  • What do I do with the factory ground strap? Where can I relocate it? Thanks

    At this time we don't have a provision for the ground strap built in to our downpipe, you'll want to utilize the mounting point that is accessible on the bottom of the engine block if you are intending on keeping the ground attached.

  • Can you guarantee no check engine light with this downpipe? I definitely do not want to spend over a grand for a pipe that will only lead to a check engine light and possibly other issues.

    This part REQUIRES a pro-tune in order to guarantee that there will not be a CEL for catalyst efficiency, a tuner can disable this code. If you are using an off the shelf tune there is still a chance that it will throw a code, the Direct Injected cars are a little more finicky even when using the GESI cats.

  • Could this be shipped to California?

    Unfortunately, the only items we can ship to CA at this time are catback exhaust systems, couplers and clothing.

  • Does this work with a stock wrx (mt)and can it just be installed and run without any tuning (knowing your not getting the full benefits of the part)?

    We recommend a tune when swapping out the downpipe. 

  • Will this fit the 2021 wrx?

    Yes! This part is fully compatible with the 2021 WRX, but it will not fit CVT Transmission.

  • Does this fit a 2019 sti

    Unfortunately this only fits the WRX.  We recommend an Invidia downpipe for the STI.  If you need help finding one please send an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com and we would be happy to help you out!

  • Will I need an adapter if I have the ETS axle back and mid pipe?

    Nope!  We designed our downpipe to bolt right up to our midpipe.

  • Will it come with the gasket where it meets my ETS extreme catback? Because I have the stock jpipe to ets catback adapter at the moment.

    It will!

  • Will this part fit onto a 2019 CVT wrx?

    Our downpipes don't fit the CVT models unfortunately.

  • Is this part also need tune after install it immediately or I can install it without tune now & maybe in future make tune?

    This part requires a tune.

  • Is this carb certified/does it come with a carb sticker for use in california?

    Unfortunately, due to the current EPA and CARB regulations on the automotive industry, we are unable to ship some items to California addresses. 

    Currently, we are only able to ship the following items:

    - Axleback/Catback Exhausts
    - Clamps & Couplers
    - ETS Merchandise & Swag

    If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to send an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com or give us a call at (360) 896-3000

  • Does this j pipe come with the j-pipe to turbo gasket? Or will I have to order a new one! Thanks

    The factory gasket is a robust multi-layered steel gasket that we are perfectly comfortable reusing if it's in good shape. If you need to replace it, a new OEM gasket or one of the many other aftermarket options for the factory style flange would be a suitable substitute.

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