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ETS 03-06 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 Standard Tank Intercooler

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The ETS Mitsubishi Evolution Intercooler is the best on the market, bar none. It features bolt on installation and fills the whole grill with core for a killer look and maximum efficiency. This unit also retains the factory crash bar and splash pans on the 3" and 3.5" Intercooler. The kit includes the intercooler, mounting hardware, silicone couplers, and SS T-Bolt Clamps. Pressure checked to 35psi


  • Fills grill completely
  • Bolt on design retains crash beam (3" and 3.5")
  • Weight: 24lbs (3" Core); 27lbs (3.5" Core)
24"x11.5"x3.0" Bar & Plate Core, 1092cfm-742hp at 79% efficiency (Direct Replacement)
24"x11.5"x3.5" Bar & Plate Core, 1115cfm-758hp at 80% efficiency (Direct Replacement)
24"x11.5"x4.0" Bar & Plate Core, 1207cfm-820hp at 81% efficiency (Requires Bumper Beam Trimming)
24"x11.5"x5.0" Bar & Plate Core, 1368cfm-930hp at 83% efficiency (Requires Bumper Beam Trimming and Custom Intercooler Piping)
24"x11.5"x6.0" Bar & Plate Core, 1472cfm-1000hp at 83% efficiency (Requires Removal of Bumper Beam and Cutting of Bumper Cover)

Customer Reviews

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Mohammed AlTheeb
Thanks for the cooperation and speed of completion

Thanks for the cooperation and speed of completion

Ashton Eligon

Great product,thank you

Franklin Bedoya

ETS 03-06 Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 Standard Tank Intercooler

Alex Mckinley
Great service!!!

Customer service was absolutely amazing!!! They kept me informed, every step of the process!!!! Completely satisfied with the 5” wide intercooler that I purchased!!! I am 💯% satisfied!!!!!!

Roberto DiFrangia

Great product

Michael Dillard]
ETS Intercooler

Awesome service! and awesome products for My Evo 8!! And love the intercooler great upgrade



Ask a Question
  • Will 3.5 core fit an evo 8 with front Cusco brace? Thank you.

    We have a Cusco-Specific fitment


  • Hi there,may i please know the inlet and outlet size of the 24"x11.5"x3.0" Bar & Plate Core, 1092cfm-742hp 24"x11.5"x3.5" Bar & Plate Core, 1115cfm-758hp Thanks

    These coolers come with a 2.5" inlet and outlet size.

  • If I purchase just the intercooler would the stick piping fit ? Or would I have to buy your stock route piping as week as the intercooler ?

    Our intercooler works with stock piping or any piping that fits with the stock intercooler

  • Will the standard tank still fit my Evo 9 bumper? I know you guys offer the wide tank for the Evo 9 but i’ve always preferred the look of the intercooler covering the entire bumper rather than seeing the end tanks from the outside. Thanks!

    The wide tank core is designed for the evo 9 bumper cover. It completely fills the opening with core. You don't see end tanks when runinng the wide tank on an evo 9 bumper cover.

    We have had customers fit the standard tank to their Evo 9.

  • Hi do you have this product ready to ship? Thanks

    Yes, these are on the shelf in silver. If you want it anodized that typically takes between 1-2 weeks.

  • What is the difference between the standard size tank and the wide tank?

    The Standard tank is a 24" wide core to match the bumper opening on the Evo 8. The Wide Tank is a 22" wide core to match the bumper opening on the Evo 9.

  • are the inlet and outlet 2.5"?

    Yes, they are. On the 4" + size intercoolers we can do larger in/out sizes by request.

  • Do you sell replacement hardware for the intercooler?

    Yes we do! https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/products/ets-mitsubishi-evo-8-9-intercooler-mounting-hardware

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