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ETS 08-14 Subaru STI Turbo kit (3 Bolt Up-Pipe Connection)

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The 2008-2014 ETS WRX STi Rotated Turbo Kit is one of the most complete kits on the market utilizing optimal intercooler pipe routing and a larger ported s-cover along with a wide variety of turbochargers to match your performance needs. These Extreme Turbo Systems turbo kits are capable of supporting 300-1000hp+.hp+.


  • Seperated hot and cold side pipe routing.
  • Full 2.5" Piping.
  • Rotated Placement.
  • Larger Ported S-Cover w/ Anti-Surge Housing.
  • Vband Inlet/Outlet Turbine Housing. - .63, .82 or 1.00 depending on manufacturer. 
  • Wide variaty of turbochargers to match your performance needs.



  • Turbocharger (PTE, FP or Garrett) - When turbo option is selected
  • Wastegate (TiAL 44mm MVR)
  • 2 3/8" Up-Pipe (2 1/8" ID)
  • 2.5" Upper Intercooler Pipe (Under Intake Manifold)
  • 3.0" Downpipe
  • 1 3/4" Dump tube
  • Intake (4.0" Speed density or 3.0" Stock maf)
  • Oil lines
  • Water lines if needed
  • Overflow Tank Relocation Bracket
  • Couplers and Clamps


Ask a Question
  • Will Tomei 3bolt header fit with the rotated kit?

    Yes, just make sure it is a 3 bolt set up.

  • With this turbo kit, is it recommended to use the stock MAF or use the Speed Density?

    Contact your tuner, it is a matter of how they prefer to tune the car.

  • Does this kit make so you have to run an front mount Intercooler? Or any other changes you will have to have to run this setup?

    You will need to run one of our front mount intercoolers with this system. Other than that, the kit is 100% everything you need to make it work comes with the kit.

  • Does the downpipe with this kit come with an extra bung for a wideband AFR sensor?

    It does not. But we can if you request it on the order.