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ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X GESI Test Pipe

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PART NUMBER: 100-10-EXH-101

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The ETS Evolution X High Flow Cat Test Pipe is a direct replacement of the factory catalytic pipe. This has been dyno tested for a 10-15whp increase over the factory catalytic pipe. Works with factory downpipe and factory exhaust system as well as any other aftermarket exhaust system that mounts in the factory location.


  • Includes O2 bung.
  • Direct bolt on - Bolts to factory location.
  • 3.0" Diameter
  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • 304 Stainless steel 2-bolt flanges.
  • Includes gaskets and bolts.
  • Designed for maximum flow and performance



  • Significantly lowers back pressure for maximum flow and performance.
  • Throaty exhaust note
  • Hand built in the USA.


Designed To Perform!

For years, our emissions solutions have been addressing the needs of the high performance exhaust market. Our GEN1 line of high flow catalytic converters offer purpose-built catalytic converter solutions for high performance applications up to 2016 model year vehicles with minimal or no loss in horsepower.

  • GEN1 series supports vehicles up to 2016 model year
  • EPA Compliant - for use on OBD1/OBD2 Vehicles (1996 to 2016)
  • 304 Series Stainless Steel construction throughout
  • Double-Lock technology ensures substrate is locked in place
  • Proprietary precious metal wash coat delivers consistent emissions reduction
  • Ideal for forced induction and capable of withstanding up to 1,700F/ 925C


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Robert Hsu
Great product!

Bought this along with the 3” recirc downpipe after my oem cat was stolen, picked it up directly from ets and staff was more than happy to answer any questions. Turbo definitely spools faster and has a smoother tone over stock. Would definitely recommend!

andrew kuhn
Great sound!

Installed last week and can’t get enough of it!

Reza Mirza


Demarcus Broadie

Great Product! Install was easy and shipping time was great. I don’t usually right reviews but I had to for this one. Was throwing code P0420 on my Evo X for months. Previous owner did a CAT delete. Bought a HFC from another company and it didn’t get rid of the CEL. I was recommended this product by the shop that tuned my car. Installed this catted test pipe last Sunday and no more CEL! Thank you so much ETS! Will definitely be buying from you all again!

Mofab LLC
EVO-X Midpipe

Great quality product and straight forward installation. Car also now passes emissions! Wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

carlos nieto
Gesi test pipe

Sounds amazing you can hear the pops and bangs just with the cat, but once pair with the ets open dump down pipe and the ets v3 extreme you got a dream sound.



Ask a Question
  • Can I order the (extreme) decatted version

    We no longer offer a catless version of this part, we only offer it with the GESI catalytic converter.

  • Will this work with a Tomei Cat Back Exhaust?

    Yes it will. 

  • Should this work with an ams downpipe or would I need to purchase a ets Downpipe?

    This will work with the AMS downpipe as well as any other downpipe that terminates in the stock location.

  • Hi, just purchased the GESI. Is the cat their High output rates for 500whp, or is it their Ultra High Output rated for 800?

    We use the ultra high output option.

  • Would the GESI HFC pair with your V3 exhaust?

    Yup!  We designed our GESI HFC to be a direct replacement, so it will work with any downpipe/catback combiniation that mimics the factory design.

  • What are the difference between the 3 of them?

    The GESI version has a GESI High Flow Catalytic converter in it which is for emmisions. 

    The regular catted version just has a 200 cell high flow catalytic converter. 

    The Resonated option includes a 3" bottle style resonator to help eliminate drone and offer a slight reduction in noise.

    The straight through option is just that. Straight through test pipe.

  • Does this item come with a new gasket, or does it have to be purchased separately?

    Gaskets and everything you need to bolt it on the car.

  • Would this pass in California emissions?

    These are not CARB approved.

  • Hi there! Was wondering what the difference was exactly between your HFC and your GESI HFC. Thanks!

    Gesi claims to get the car through emissions testing while having no effect on flow at all. It is just a higher quality catalytic converter

  • Does this Test Pipe work on a Mitsubishi Ralliart?

    Yes, this works on the Evo X and the Ralliart. 

  • Does it require a tune

    While the vehicle may operate and drive with this part installed, a tune is stongly recommended for proper vehicle operation and optimal power production.

  • What is the total weight?

    This test pipe weighs 9.3lbs compared to the stock weight of 16.5lbs

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