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ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit

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PART NUMBER: 100-10-TK-067

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ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit

For serious power upgrades on the Evo 10 look no further than an ETS Turbo Kit. Packed with features like high flowing Equal Length ETS Manifold, true Merge Collector, full 3 €� Downpipe, direct routed Wastegate Dump, low angle turbo outlet, high flow upper intercooler pipe, Tial 44mm Wastegate, and any T3/T4 or Garrett GT series turbos, these kits will get the job done, street or track. Along with great performance, Features such as an exhaust flex, T-Bolt Clamps, 4ply silicone, and braided oil lines, will help make sure that you do not have to use the ETS Life Time Warranty! (90 days on manifold if wrapped or coated)



  • Turbocharger (when turbo option is selected from drop down menu below)
  • Stainless Steel Downpipe
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Dual 38mm TiAL MVS Wastegates
  • Wastegate Dump Tubes
  • Upper Intercooler Pipe (rear section)
  • Oil Feed and Drain Lines
  • Water Feed and Drain Lines
  • Turbo Gaskets and Hardware
  • Clamps and Couplers
  • Includes Everything Needed For A Complete Install
  • This is the same kit we set our worlds fastest Evo x pass with... The only Evo X in the 9's.

Note: If you don't see the turbo you are looking for, give us a call.

ALL ETS Evo X Turbo Kits come standard with DUAL Tial MVS wastegates

Evolution X 806WHP!! PT6765


*35R - 92 Octane Pump Gas - Stock Motor*

*HTA 3582 - 92 Octane Pump Gas - Stock Motor*

*Precision 6262 - 92 Octane Pump Gas - Built Motor*

*Precision 6262 - Race Gas - Built Motor - Speed Density*

Awesome install video by Xtra_Slo. Make sure to subscribe to his channel.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alex Garcia
Great kit

Include everything you need for install self explanatory installation. Overall plug and play kit

Zachary Mckay

ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit

Love this kit

Love the kit, had a little trouble catch the back hex nut for the turbo to manifold but some on the go engineering made it quick and easy going forwarded. ETS makes sure you have EVERYTHING that you’d need for install!!!!!



Ask a Question
  • Will the PT6870 Gen2 BB turbo fit with this kit?

    Yup!  We tyipcally use a 1.15 A/R with this turbocharger.

  • I purchased the intake with the 3.5" large MAF housing separately is this compatible with this turbo kit, or will I have to purchase the kit with the 4" intake?

    You will need to purchase the turbo kit intake as we change the location of the turbocharger from a bottom mount to a top mount.

  • I have an EFR 8374 with IWG from a different company's kit currently. Would I be able to mate that turbo to this kit? Or would it be incompatible because the kit uses EWG?

    Unfortunately this turbo will not be compatible with our turbo kit. The BW IWG turbochargers are significantly larger than the Non WG version and do not fit in our manifold configuration.

  • So is everything vband because in the pics on the motor it is then on the one of alll of it it's not all vband

    This link is for a T4 Twin Scroll setup. The only V-Band would be the outlet of the turbo and the wastegates.

  • Do you have the newer EFR 9274/9280 turbos for this kit?

    Yes we can build a kit around the 9274/9280 orders. Looking at around 6-7 weeks on a kit like this. 

  • will this kit come with a MAF sensor?

    It does not include the MAF sensor. You reuse that from your car.

  • I see two different dump pipes in the pictures, which one is provided in this kit? Two separate pipes or a Y pipe?

    We include dual dump tubes (separate pipes) with our Evolution X Turbo Kits.

  • Is the recirculated downpipe compatible with this turbo kit?

    No, the stock turbo downpipe does not work with our turbo kit.

  • Trying to do hood exhaust exit what’s the specs on Vband 6870 that I got

    That is a 3.5" VBand.

  • The image of the turbo mounted to the motor has 2 individual dump pipes while the image of all the included products shows a conjoined dump pipe. Which one can we expect to come in the kit?

    The picture of the kit on the engine is the most current design. That is what you will be getting.

  • Is this the whole engine or just the turbo kit

    This is for the turbo kit only.

  • is the intake in this twin scroll kit different from the one you sell? here says it is a 4.0" intake while the other says its a 3"

    Our turbokit intake is different from our stock turbo intake

  • Is your ETS open dump downpipe compatible with this kit with the 6466?

    No, the turbo kit downpipe is different from the stock location turbo downpipe.

  • Do you guys recommend a .82/.84 A/R or 1.06 A/R for a Twin Scroll GTX3582r Gen 2? I'm currently on a built motor revving to 8k and would prefer to not have to rev higher. I'm initially going for 700whp on a mustang dyno with no intentions of going above 800whp in the future. Also do you have any dyno graphs of an .82 A/R or .84 A/R GTX3582r Gen 2? I'm curious to see where it falls off at in the RPM range.

    Garrett we recommend the largest housing they offer, which is a T4 1.06 A/R.  Precision we tyipcally recommend a 1.15 A/R for larger turbochargers like the PT6466.  Feel free to shoot us an email at sales@extremeturbosystems.com and we can link you to some dyno graphs.

  • Is the waste gate of this set up external or internal?

    These are two external 38mm TiAl MVS gates

  • Hi I’m looking at a turbo set up for my Evo X, my question is do you still have the 6062 turbo offered with this kit? Thanks, Mike

    We can do it twin scroll but the housing Precision offers is only a .84 A/R which is to small of an A/R in T4 Twin Scroll to really perform well on the Evo X. Your really better off going V-Band 6062. 


  • Will my ams widemouth dowpipe be compatible with your ets kit.

    No, our turbo kit replaces the downpipe. The stock turbo downpipes use a different flange and turbo location.

  • IS the downpipe A 3in or a 3.5in

    All of our Evo X turbo kit downpipes will be 3" in diameter

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