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ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X V3 Extreme Exhaust System

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PART NUMBER: 100-10-EXH-007

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The ETS Mitsubishi Evo X V3 Extreme Exhaust System is a direct replacement of the factory cat back exhaust system. This exhaust was designed for the true enthusiast looking for maximum performance with no mufflers or restrictions. This is one of the loudest exhaust systems on the market. The exhaust system features a 3.0" mid pipe that tucks up tightly against the underside of the vehicle giving you more ground clearance then any other exhaust on the market. The mid pipe connects to the rear section using a 3.0" v-band connection. The v-band connection provides a leak free seal and allows for a quick change race pipe for the drag strip! Each tip is centered perfectly in the bumper opening.


  • Full 3" Manderal Bent Stainless Steel Piping
  • 22Lbs
  • 3" V-Band
  • No Mufflers
  • 4.5" Brushed Single Wall Stainless Tips
  • 100% Stainless Steel Design

*Note: If using a stock catalytic converter select the adapter flange in the drop downs below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Danny Ramirez

Car sounds amazing!

Luis Orozco braley jr
Worth it

Easy install, good quality, great sounds

Punlork Suom

Sound amazing

Brandon Seely
Loud and Proud

Replaced my single exit Invidia with this. World of difference. It is the ultimate catback.

Christopher Brickus
Ets exhaust

Great shipping..best sounding exhaust on the market as well

Jayson Fernandez
ETS V3 exhaust

Great shipment.



Ask a Question
  • I didn’t see an drop down option for an adapter flange in the note for the midpipe to stock cat.

    We don't have a drop down for it but we do offer it in the exhaust section


  • Do I need a tune with this exhaust system?

    You do not need a tune to run the ETS catback exhaust system.  We do recommend a tune if you upgrade the High Flow Cat/Race Pipe.

  • So does this exhaust go all the way to the downpipe or is it just a cat back exhaust?

    This is a catback system

  • Do u offer military discount


  • What's the differences between all the test pipes and down pipes?

    Test pipes are straight through "Race" style or resonated, catted or high flow catted. Resonated is for drone and noise. Cats are for emissions. High flows cats are for higher quality cats that flow better. 

    Downpipes are simply wastegate dump or recirc. Meaning when the wastegate opens, it recirculates the exhaust gasses into the exhaust. Or it dumps it to the atmosphere. It mainly affects noise. The dump will be louder.

  • Do you guys still carry the V2 extreme catback?

    Hey Jordan,

    We do not offer the v2 version of our exhaust any longer. 

  • Does this exhaust system work a Ralliart

    No, the Ralliart exhaust is different from the Evo X and this will not fit unfortauntely. 

  • Hi so if i buy this without the mid pipe or resonator will it fit on a completely stock evo x mr?

    This is a complete catback exhaust, it will replace the factory muffler section as well as the factory midpipe. Everything from the catalytic converter - back. 

    If you are installing this catback on an otherwise stock exhaust, you will also want to purchase this adapter - https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/gaskets/products/ets-08-16-mitsubishi-evo-x-adapter-flange - so that you can mate up to the stock size flange. 

  • Will my Evo X pass a smog test, in California, with the ETS V3 Exhaust System installed?

    It should. Catbacks are not going to have an impact on a smog test, they are post all cats and sensors on the exhaust.

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