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ETS 2008-2019 Nissan GTR PRO Series Turbo Kit

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Horsepower Output

PRO1400 - 1400+WHP

Pro58 - 1500+WHP

PRO1700 - 1700+WHP (1450-1480whp @ 35 PSI, 1550-1580whp @ 40 PSI and 1600whp+ above 40psi)

PRO1900 - 1900+WHP

Pro68 - 1900+WHP

PRO2100 - 2100+WHP

Two of our customers showing off the Pro2100 kit at the track!  


  • 1.9" Runners over competitors 1.25" Runners
  • S Covers (4.0" Inlet) vs competitors E Cover (3.0" Inlet)
  • Huge 3.5" downpipes


  • 2x Manifolds
  • 2x Turbochargers
  • 2x Wastegates
  • 2x 3.5" Downpipes
  • 2x Dump Tubes (VTA)
  • 2x Heat Shields
  • 2x 44mm  TiAL MVR Wastegates
  • 2x 3.5" Inlet Tubes
  • Lower Intercooler Piping
  • Oil Lines
  • Water Lines

*** We offer a direct replacement Pro Series Y-pipe w/ 3.5" inlets and 4.0" vband outlet or 3.5" 2-bolt outlet.


Large runners - At 630cc per cylinder, the vr38 is 21% per cylinder larger than most 3.0l 6cyl and 2.0l 4cyl. On a cylinder to cylinder basis. To put a small runner on such a large cylinder is like putting a restrictor plate on the engine.

S Cover Turbochargers - Most kits on the market use what's called a Compact E-cover turbo, or a hybrid turbo with either a Subaru, or Mitsubishi 20g housings. At low flow rates these housings work OK, but on anything over 800whp we feel that they are less than optimal compared to a true Garrett S Cover. The reason the S Cover performs so much better is that they have a much larger diffuser area. This is the area where the air leaving the compressor wheel has time to slow down before leaving the compressor housing of the turbo. As the larger the area that the air is allowed to slow down in, the higher the pressure ration that the turbo can operate in. Also the lower the outlet temps will be.

Heat Shields - As the front of the GT-R is Aluminum, an unshielded kit can distort or weaken the front end of the vehicle. Also on the passenger side, the fuel lines must be kept cool for both the obvious fire reasons, but also to avoid tuning issues with a varying fuel density. Also if the fuel is allowed to get too hot, it can cause vapor lock issues at the inlets of very high flow pumps.

Pre-Assembled - Because of the very tight fitment of the R35 engine bay, we feel that the alignment of the kit must be perfect. The V-Band connections allow for a multitude of clocking positions, if not clocked perfectly, there could be many in and out attempts for install. This will cost either the shop or the customer excess money. To minimize this confusion, our kits come pre-assembled, with all water and oil lines installed. This will be a major labor-saving at time of install.

Equal length runners - All cylinders, front to back and side to side have runners of a mean length of 12" =/- .300 This allows for precise tuning, crisper throttle response and less individual cylinder trimming. Also to compliment the 12" length which will work best 6500-8000 rpm, we use a moderately angled merge collector so there is a powerful scavenging effect to adjacent cylinders at the collector. This creates less back pressure at the exhaust valves and better overall breathing of the engine.

Wastegates in line with the flow with the very high flow rates of the new billet wheel turbo's, we have found the wastegate system must be very efficient, or else boost creep could be induced. As well a keeping runs away boost under control, a very efficient wastegate system will allow tuners to start a tune at a much lower boost pressure, ensuring that the whole tuning process is done safely.
Factory Intake, IC pipe positions - Both the intakes and intercooler pipes terminate in factory positions, allowing the turbo kit to bolt up to your existing stock turbo intakes and Intercooler kits.

PRO Series Down Pipes to factory locations - The High flowing 3.5" V band downpipes terminate at factory location allowing perfect connection to factory or aftermarket Y pipes. Downpipes are also bracketed to help locate the correct clocking outside the car. We also offer a 3.5" Y-pipe that goes to a single 4" connection. This is the perfect Y-pipe to get the absolute max from the PRO series turbo kit.

Critical Lines Away from heat - All of the Oil/Water lines are routed away from heat, down and around the turbos, instead of over and across the turbos. This will ensure a lifetime service life for these lines, while also lowering the temperatures of the fluids within the lines.

Support Brackets for Critical Lines - All Oil / Water lines are bracketed to prevent vibration or failures. This is extremely important for track vehicles, where high vibration and G forces can cause premature failure of unsupported lines.

Fully ported at every transition - From the head flanges to the exhaust flanges and even the PCV barbs in between, we pride ourselves on the best craftsmanship and attention to detail in the industry. This means that all flanges are surfaced, all transitions ported, and all pieces are clean. These details may not make any major power differences, but it can be the difference in numbers such as 998 vs 1002 whp.

Lifetime Warranty - Full Lifetime warranty on all fabricated parts, and manufactures warranty on turbos.



ETS PRO58 Turbo Kit Dyno Sheet:

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aaron Kramer
Pro58 Kit

Awesome kit!!!

Brian Tobia
Baddest Turbo Kits in World!!

Simple....these turbo kits fit very well, have way less couplers to deal with and in the end...make the power they say they will!!

George Dodworth
Six second turbo kits!

I can’t believe I’m the first review. Probably because everyone with these turbos are off at the track breaking records. The Pro2100’s took my car into the 6s and over 210mph and have been consistent heavy hitting turbos that achieved every goal I demanded from them. We worked these turbos hard while we sorted out suspension and drivetrain to accept the power of these monsters in the Nightfury. Meanwhile the full weight 4100lb Lightfury driven by my wife went 7.6’s at over 185 on her first event with the pro68’s while carrying every Nissan option with her down the track including floor mats, subwoofer, and even the tire iron down in the storage area. Trust me that was an oversight. We expect to see 7.40s while maintaining an absolutely full trim real street car. I can’t say enough about the quality of these kits and the support from ETS. Another huge benefit is that the kits are largely preassembled, meaning that the kits go on once and only once and just work. If you are buying these for your shop to install or to install yourself the time and money saved on that feature alone is significant. You won’t be dry fitting and testing and raising and lowering the engine multiple times to get it right — they just fit the first time.



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  • Is this a Single Turbo or a Twin? If it is a single, why does it come with two turbos?

    This is a twin turbo set up

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