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ETS 2015+ Subaru WRX Axleback Midpipe

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PART NUMBER: 200-30-EXH-005

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This midpipe converts your ETS axleback to a catback exhaust.

2.5" Axle Back - No Mufflers - ETS 2.5" Y-Pipe

2.5" Axle Back Exhaust - with Mufflers- ETS 2.5" Y-Pipe

Customer Reviews

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ETS part 2

I installed the ETS 3.5 inch tip axle-back mufflers on my 2021 wrx about a year ago. Fit right, sounds a little louder than stock except better. After alot of research and thought I decided to go with the ETS catted midpipe to keep on brand. Very happy with my choice. Sound has a little deeper tone and it seems slightly quieter in the car. Everything lined up and didn't have to loosen anything for readjusting. Tips centered, no touching heat shields, and solid. I'll recheck for leaks before the snow falls.

Steven R
Great product

I bought this for my 2017 forester xt fits great and love the sound of the compete ets exhaust with muffler deletes.



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  • Will this fit a 22’ WRX, doesn’t say anywhere, I see it says 15+ but no one has tried it.

    This will not fit the 2022, Here is the product page for the axleback conversion midpipe for the 2022:


  • Why are there certain vendors not carrying you axlebacks on their product list for the 15+ wrx

    Not sure. Vendors get to decide what they want to advertise. You can purchase directly from us if you need a set.

  • I purchased the ETS axlebacks and now want to get the midpipe. I just want to make sure that when you say the 3.0" midpipe chokes up to the 2.5" rear sections of the Ypipe, the ETS axle backs I have now will fit altogether with these components?

    It will fit with this specific mid-pipe yes. But I would strongly suggest a full catback. It is a true 3.0" exhaust system and will not choke up at any time. Giving some true performance benefits.

  • I have a 3 inch axel back from ets will this 2.5 pipe fit to covert to catback ?

    ETS Axleback systems are 2.5". Only the catback rear sections are 3.0"

  • I’m rocking a oem midpipe and y pipe with remark 2.5 axle back muffler deletes. Just wondering, will this work if I bought this and install it?

    Unfortunately, I do not know. We generally do not fit our parts with competitors products so I can not 100% guarantee that. With that being said, I would suggest getting a full 3.0" catback if you are looking to go that route. An Axleback midpipe is 3.0" but is then choked up at the 2.5" rear sections. Just something to consider.

  • Will this midpipe fit remark axel back for 2020 wrx ?

    If it works with the stock midpipe, it will work with our midpipe. This midpipe is designed to fit and be compatible with all OEM and OEM fit axlebacks for the 15-21 WRX and 15-18 STI.

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