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ETS 22+ Subaru WRX Front Mount Intercooler

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PART NUMBER: 200-60-IC-001

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Tired of heat soak? We don't blame you!  

It's time to upgrade to an intercooler that is designed specifically for the 2022+ WRX with performance in mind.   Unlike other manufacturers we design all of our cores per application, which results in the absolute best performing intercooler on the market.

All of our cores feature an offset and staggered  internal and external fin pack.   The external fin pack is dense for maximum heat transfer, where the internal fin pack is less dense for maximum flow and performance.   The key is finding the perfect balance between the two, which is what we do per application.    

It's common for customers to be drawn to cheaper alternatives.   Unfortunately those intercoolers are cheap for a reason!   Most cheap intercoolers utilize a straight through internal fin pack, which acts more like a tunnel than a splitter; This results is much higher/hotter intake air temps, which then leads to timing reduction, knock, mis-fires, detonation, etc.

The ETS 2022+ WRX Intercooler is designed  to perform!  

  • We start by locating the inlets and outlets in the middle of the core, which allows for proper air distribution and flow throughout the core.  
  • Each inlet and outlet is hand ported to reduce turbulence and promote maximum flow.   We've seen other manufacturers simply weld on a tube and not debur the inside, which creates excess turbulence and disrupts air flow through the core.  

**NOTE - This FMIC kit does REQUIRE an ETS Intake, it will not fit with the OEM Intake/Air Box**

Customer Supplied Install Video courtesy of Joey Monalto

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Great product. Temps are much lower, car runs great with custom Dman tune.



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  • What are the dimension of this intercooler? And do you recommend a particular cooling fan for that if I wanted one?

    The core dimensions of the '22 WRX FMIC is 26" wide and 11.38" tall and the thickness will depend on your selection.  We have sizes ranging from 3.0" up to 4.0" for the '22 WRX.  You won't need any additional hardware or cooling fans as our intercooler clears the factory radiator and fans.

  • Will I be able to run this with my ETS titanium Charge pipe?

    No, the charge pipe will be specific to the TMIC setup and will be replaced when going with a full FMIC.

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