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ETS '22+ WRX GESI Catted J-Pipe (Downpipe)

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PART NUMBER: 200-60-EXH-201

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Designed To Perform!
In response to changing emissions standards, GESi has developed a new proprietary coating technology and a new S-Wound core capable of effectively meeting the latest regulations, while still supporting the performance of late model high horsepower engines when needed.

Don't get fooled by others using GESI Cats, make sure you're getting the UHO version to avoid flow limitations! Our GESI Catted J-Pipes are capable of supporting up to 850whp where others will be limited to 350-500whp.

The '22+ WRX has already shown to make nearly 500whp with just bolt ons and tuning, the last thing you'd want to do is bottleneck yourself at the J-Pipe.

  • GEN2 Series EPA Compliant models for vehicles 2017 and newer
  • Capable of supporting up to 850 HP per converter
  • Custom designed S-wound core for improved strength & performance
  • New proprietary coating to meet latest emissions regulations
  • High quality 304 Stainless Steel construction throughout
  • Double-Lock technology ensures substrate is locked in place
  • Ideal for forced induction and capable of withstanding up to 1,700F/ 925C
Key Features:
  • 3.0" 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 304 Stainless Steel Flanges
  • CNC Mandrel Bent
  • Direct Factory Replacement!
  • Gen 2 GESI Catalytic Convertor Supports Up To 850whp! 
  • Significantly lowers back pressure for maximum flow and performance.
  • Throaty exhaust note.
  • Hand built in the USA.
  • May not fit CVT models.

Please Note:  We can't guarantee no check engine light with this product. 

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Customer Reviews

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JSPEC Performance

ETS '22+ WRX GESI Catted J-Pipe (Downpipe)

Great product

Great product well built. Rubs a little under certain loads but so minor not really a problem.

Adrian Alonzo
2022 WRX Gesi Catted J-Pipe (DownPipe) Automatic Transmission Review

I have the WRX GT which only comes in automatic and I am happy I installed this. Not only does it fit, it performs great! The clearance is perfect, the only thing you might need to do is adjust the hanger to be half an inch higher so the exhaust doesn't rub. But it does fit the automatic without any modifications at all.

Great Product and Staff

DP was produced with exceptional quality..The staff was awesome with providing pre-production details! Car sounds and performs amazing! ETS never disappoints!



Ask a Question
  • Can I be added for a waitlist or pre order. Certainly purchased catback from you. Looking to purchase intercooler as well.

    Please send an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com to be added to the update list.

  • When do you think we will get the CVT version? The GT only comes in the CVT.

    At this time we have no plans for development of a CVT-Specific J-Pipe. If there is enough interest, we would need to organize getting a car in for test fitting once we have the MT version finalized, but I wouldn't have any kind of realistic ETA for that at this time.

  • Just wanting to know when this will be available again

    We are finalizing the design now.  We are hoping to start selling around the end of July.

  • Will there be a cvt version like before?

    At this time we do not have a downpipe designed for the CVT.  If we get enough demand for a CVT downpipe we will make it happen.  👍👍

  • Is preorder still available?

    No update available at this time, the product is not available for purchase yet. 

    To be added to the email update list, please send an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com

  • Is this going to require a tune?

    Yes, this part will require a tune for proper operation.

  • Does the J-pipe fit directly with the stock Cat-back for 22'WRX?

    It can indeed! If you are bolting to a stock exhaust we recommend using our adapter flange - https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/gaskets/products/ets-08-16-mitsubishi-evo-x-adapter-flange or something similar in order to prevent leaks.

  • 2022 WRX Limited with Automatic Transmission Hopefully there have been sufficient interest in The design of the J-pipe for the automatics.

    At this time the jpipe is NOT compatible with the CVT. We are open to building one, we just would have to get a CVT car in house to alter the design. Unfortunately I wouldn't have any realistic ETA for the completion of that project.

  • Probably a dumb question but is this catted j pipe ok for use in California? If not will one be made available for use in California?

    This part is not able to be shipped to CA, and unfortunately no plans exist to make one specifically for the CA market due to the restrictions of CARB.

  • Will this fit the Subaru ascent?

    We have not test fit on anything other than the WRX, we cannot verify if this fits any other Subaru models regardless of engine configuration.

  • Hey why isn’t this available for the automatic and will it be eventually??

    The previous generation WRX (15-21) had differences between the CVT and 6MT transmission at the J-Pipe that caused a fitment issue. We haven't been able to confirm or deny that this same fitment issue is present on the 22+ WRX at this time, but we do have confirmed fitment with the 6MT. 

    Once we have a definitive answer on the CVT compatibility, we will make it known!

  • Work cvt? Thanks

    We have not test fit this part on the CVT, so we cannot say for certain, but the suspicion is that it will not fit. 

    The 2015-2021 WRX J-Pipe was NOT compatible with the CVT, for context.

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