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ETS Saab-9000 Intercooler Upgrade 1986-1998

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PART NUMBER: 1200-10-IC-001

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9000 Intercooler from ETS features smooth flowing cast tanks and a highly efficient bar and plate core. The core is 100% vacuum brazed, and features louvered external fins, and a very fine internal fin pack. To attain the maximum efficiency possible, the internal fins are offset and staggered to get every possible air molecule to “scrub” up against an internal fin so that the heat may be transferred to the external fins and carried away from the intercooler. It is this unique design that allows this ETS intercooler to attain an 83% efficiency rating. A 300 HP there is only a .9 PSI drop! As well as being extremely efficient, these cores have a very high flow rate of 1030 CFM at 1.5 PSI, allowing it to handle as much boost as the engine is configured withstand. Further, the core is rated for 690 crank HP! All from an intercooler is designed to fit into the stock location!

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    Simon Shapiro
    My second, and I love it.

    Overkill for my application but just enough.

    Surface area is king

    I bought this for my 2.3 saab 9000 build over a decade ago. I made 445#feet and 390hp with a sds stand alone at 27 psi on the boost gauge dropping to 25 psi at redline.

    Sense then I sold the 9000. I assembled a bmw 6 cylinder e39. I used a fully built e36 m3 s52b32 engine, 3.2 liter turbo. (66/62 na-t ) I currently put down 620whp and 600#feet on pump gas with a.c. still functional. I have not experienced heat soak with this ets intercooler even after back to back to back pulls at 80* ambient temps. Just like the saab 9000, fitment is spot on perfect behind the stock e39 m5 bumper (replacing the stock a.c, puller fan. ) This bmw is on flex fuel. I'm not sure how much it makes on e85, it is dramatically faster according to the butt dyno. The CORE is approximately 20" by 16 " , just over 2" thick. Connections are 2.5" couplers.



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    • What are the dimensions of this intercooler and the in/out tube sizes?

      They use stock inlet/outlet size.

    • Hello, to be certain, does this intercooler fit a 1997 Saab 9000 CSE? Direct replacement?

      That is correct!

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