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ETS Subaru '22+ WRX Top Mount Intercooler

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Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) has designed a perfect fitting direct bolt on top mount intercooler for your 22+ Subaru WRX.  The ETS 2022+ WRX Top Mount Intercooler is designed for high efficiency and high flow with a massive 21" x 7" x 4" intercooler core packed with 34 charge rows!  


  • Massive high efficiency and high flow 21" x 7"x 4" intercooler core
  • 34 charge rows
  • Offset and staggered fin design for maximum efficiency. 
  • Direct bolt on design.
  • Works with factory charge pipe
  • Billet inlet
  • Billet outlet
  • Optional anodizing available (Black, Gold, Blue , Red and Purple)
  • TIG welded construction 
  • Pressure tested over 35 psi


  • Subaru WRX 2022+
  • Outback 20-22
  • Ascent 19-22
  • Legacy 20-22

Non Anodized

Non Anodized Silver Finish w/ ETS Logo (Standard Option)

Anodized Options


Anodized Black

Anodized Red

Anodized Blue

Anodized Gold

** Purple picture coming soon!

    Customer Reviews

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    It’s Cool

    Excellent workmanship from ETS and very easy to install. Basically the same mounting points as a stock intercooler, so it’ll go in the same way it came out.

    IAT while cruising with stock intercooler was about 10-15 degrees above ambient temperatures, and around 8-10 degrees above ambient with ETS’ intercooler.

    Biggest difference I noticed is when in boost/on throttle IAT stayed around 6-10 above ambient.

    So far so good, hoping temps will stay nice and cool as boost goes up. Defs would recommend this intercooler.

    Heads up: remember to reuse the outlet o-ring from the stock intercooler or you’ll have a vacuum/boost leak. …Ask me how I figured that one out lol

    Thank you, ETS!



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    • Will this require a tune?

      This part will not require a tune for operation, but will not provide the full performance benefit provided by additional cooling without a custom tune.

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