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ETS Subaru '22+ WRX Axleback System

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PART NUMBER: 200-60-EXH-102

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The ETS Axle-back exhaust for the 2022+ WRX utilizes a full stainless steel construction. The axle back is 2.5" that mates to the stock 2 bolt flange. All gaskets are included to aid in ease of installation. This is the easiest way to get a little bit more noise and performance out of your new WRX!


- 2.5" SS Piping

- Includes Gaskets

- Quad 3.5" Double Wall tips

- Easy Installation

- Available with or without mufflers

- Increased Performance and Sound




Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Eric Ferko
Simple sound

Got the ets axleback non-muffled. Cant say i have any complaints. Sounds perfect and you can keep it quiet if wanted/needed. About an hour to install

Best sounding exhaust

Best axle back sound . Sounds really good. ETS knows how to make a proper exhaust


ETS Subaru '22+ WRX Axleback System

Daniel Kwetny
Great exhaust

Best exhaust note out there - not too loud. OEM+ look is awesome.
Only small downside is that the left side hangs higher than right, but only ever so slightly. Still 4.5/5 - very happ, much wow and rumble

Logan L.
Best bang for your buck!

I bought the extreme stealth and I can not put into words how pleased I am with this exhaust! First off customers service was top notch. The questions I had they answered without hesitation. Second once I received the exhaust I was beyond pleased with the build quality! Finally the sound!!! Absolutely incredible sound! I love my cars loud but also want them to sound good and this definitely checks both those boxes! Thanks ETS for an amazing product!

Thomas D
Very well made

I got the muffled axle back for my 22 WRX. I am 52yrs old and in no way a ricer. First start (cold start) I was like “Holly Crap that’s loud!” Settles to a nice rumble after warm. The biggest problem is the drone inside the cabin. From 2k up it is loud and obnoxious. Had to order the mid-pipe with resonator. After the mid pipe install all is good. The resonated mid-pipe got rid of the drone and made the exhaust note deeper. Loving the exhaust now. ETS’s quality is top notch all the welds were beautifully done. The fitment was spot on, exhaust tips are nicely centered and identical on both sides. Overall I am happy with the exhaust.



Ask a Question
  • Does this fit the 2022 WRX Sportswagon or only the Sedan?

    This will not fit the Sportswagon, we do not get that model in the US as it is based on the Levorg.

  • Whats the difference between extreme and muffled?

    Trhe muffled setup replaces the factory mufflers with a set of our straight through style mufflers for a more aggressive tone and volume when compared to stock. 

    The Extreme is a straight piped muffler delete variant, it is the most aggressive and loudest option we offer when compared to stock.

  • Do I need to have a pro tune after installing exhaust

    Neither our axleback or catback exhaust require a tune to install, they're plug and play!

  • Is the muffled axleback system road legal in California?

    The axleback exhaust is post catalytic converter, so it does not require an EO number in CA, but you'll want to check with your local laws and regulations for any questions on regional restrictions.

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