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The ETS Axle-back exhaust for the 2022+ WRX utilizes a full stainless steel construction. The axle back is 2.5" that mates to the stock 2 bolt flange. All gaskets are included to aid in ease of installation. This is the easiest way to get a little bit more noise and performance out of your new WRX!


- 2.5" SS Piping

- Includes Gaskets

- Quad 3.5" Double Wall tips

- Easy Installation

- Available with or without mufflers

- Increased Performance and Sound




Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Kevin Ogden

Great sound,loud but not to crazy

Rich Kelleher

Absolutely incredible

Perfect fit and finish

I have no complaints. I get compliments on the system every week. Looks very nice.

Huge improvement over stock! No booms.

I installed: axle back l, muffled, stainless polished tips, for 2022 WRX base trim.

The stock 2022 WRX is so quiet you don’t even know when to shift without the tach. The axle back changes all that - it’s much louder but not schoolboy loud. I’m really glad I got the one with mufflers vs. non-muffled.

The noise quality is good but not excellent like on older EJ. No traditional rumble, but you can still tell it’s a boxer as opposed to inline 4. It might have something to do with the equal length headers on the new engine vs the older unequal length header pipes on the EJ.

Basically the EJ sounds better is my take. My son’s 2013 STi with a competitors axle back sounds much nicer even though it’s the same sound level as mine.

On my new WRX with the FA these pipes really improved the noise over stock. Louder, but not annoying on long drives at 80mph with the revs at 3,000. I don’t get any sense of booming/droning on the highway.

You can now shift without having to look at the tachometer!

When you punch the gas it’s not that loud, which I guess is due to high boost on the turbo which leaves less energy in the exhaust for aural delights. It seems to be loudest at low or negative boost and the noise is sort of inversely proportional to the wastegate opening, or maybe it’s somehow influenced by the interaction between the stock resonator and new exhaust natural resonant frequencies? Harmonics? I’m not sure.

Cold start is semi loud and nice sounding, and I don’t think it bothers the neighbors and you won’t be setting off any car alarms.

Go for it!

Jialong Zhu

sound nice

Almost to loud

Cold start is very loud but quiets down nicely once the idle drops down. The car sounds great and it's a lot more fun to drive now. Very nice growl sound. I don't daily drive my '22 WRX but if I did this system with the mufflers might be a bit to loud day in and day out. But as a fun/project/weekend car it's perfect for me.
At first I noticed a little bit of drone at lower RPMs so I pulled out the trunk carpet and foam and put some stick-on sound deadener (similar to DynaMat) in and around the spare tire well and it made a big difference reducing the vibrations coming from there. Everybody perceives exhaust drone differently but as of now I hear zero or close to it.

Thank you for the detailed review!

-Team ETS



Ask a Question
  • Does this fit the 2022 WRX Sportswagon or only the Sedan?

    This will not fit the Sportswagon, we do not get that model in the US as it is based on the Levorg.

  • Whats the difference between extreme and muffled?

    Trhe muffled setup replaces the factory mufflers with a set of our straight through style mufflers for a more aggressive tone and volume when compared to stock. 

    The Extreme is a straight piped muffler delete variant, it is the most aggressive and loudest option we offer when compared to stock.

  • Do I need to have a pro tune after installing exhaust

    Neither our axleback or catback exhaust require a tune to install, they're plug and play!

  • Is the muffled axleback system road legal in California?

    The axleback exhaust is post catalytic converter, so it does not require an EO number in CA, but you'll want to check with your local laws and regulations for any questions on regional restrictions.

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