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ETS Subaru/Mitsubishi Adapter Gasket Kit

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This gasket kit increases the surface area of the flange to ensure a better mating surface between your stock components and your ETS parts and includes the following:

2.50" Graphite 2-Bolt Adapter Gasket (Stock Flange) 
ETS Adapter Plate - Middle Sandwich Plate
3.00" Vibrant Metallic 2-Bolt Gasket (ETS Flange)

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James Schmuckie
New gasket for my used catback

Gasket works...but I gotta say, this is the best sounding exhaust I've ever owned...Muffled non resonated...love it! You guys make some great exhausts..Futhher mods on my vb will be ets exclusive...

ETS Adapter Kit

Packaged nice. Quality materials, worked well.

Tony B
Great product

What a simple solution to this problem. I have a Kia Forte GT and needed to connect a 2.5 downpipe to 3 inch midpipe. After contacting customer service (which is great btw), they let me know it should work, but I may have to alter the bolt holes for my vehicle. I did need to open up the bolt holes for my application. This can be done pretty easily with a carbide bit and a Dremel. So as long as you have 2 hole flanges, this sandwich plate should work for just about any application that requires it, as long as you can alter the bolt holes to your needs.

chris folau

ETS Subaru/Mitsubishi Adapter Gasket Kit

Thaddeus Cabon

ETS Subaru/Mitsubishi Adapter Gasket Kit

Perfect product for the perfect problem

Sure enough, I blew out my remflex gasket from my factory downpipe to my after market HFC at cat back. This unit makes a perfect seal when adapting two different size exhausts together. Spark cut tested 👍



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  • I have a borla cat back (2.75) at the flange and I want to put a test pipe (3in) and heard something about using this part to make sure there won’t be a exhaust leak. Will this work?

    Yup!  You will most likely need an adapter flange found at the link below.  This flange allows you to run a factory 2.75" gasket and a 3.0" gasket.   3" Test Pipe -> 3.0" Gasket -> Adapter Flange -> 2.75" Gasket -> 2.75" Exhaust System.

    Here is the link -  https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/products/ets-08-16-mitsubishi-evo-x-adapter-flange



  • Do you need to use a gasket on either side of the flange?

    Yes, both sides need a gasket. 1 side uses the stock gasket the other side uses a 3" gasket.

  • Does this adapter flange have to be welded to the stock CAT in order to run the ETS 3 inch catback? Or does the flange just go inbetween the two pipes with gaskets on each side?

    The flange is just used between the 2 parts to add sealing surface area. No welding is required.

  • Hi! I recently bought a lightly used 2022+ wrx ets extreme catback system, which gasket would be the correct one to mate the mid pipe to the cat? And do I need new hardware or can I reuse the stock nuts and bolts?

    You will want to use the hardware provided with the catback, the stock hardware will not fit properly. If you are connecting to the stock JPipe, you will want to use all of the gaskets in this order - make sure to remove the stock donut gasket as well.