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ETS Subaru WRX/STI 2015+ Catback Exhaust System

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The ETS Cat-back exhaust for the 2015-2018 WRX is a made right here in our facility. This exhaust features a true 3.0 all the way through mid-pipe that connects to the rear section splitting into two 3" pipes and finished off with quad 3.5" tips. We use V-band connections on all connections (except the factory 2 bolt) for a leak proof seal (no gaskets to blow out or replace!).


- True 3.0" All The Way From Mating Flange To Muffler Tips (adapter included to fit stock downpipe if needed)

- V-Band Connections For a Leak Proof Seal

- Quad 3.5" Double Wall SS Tips

- 41lbs = Midpipe(10lbs), Y-Pipe(7lbs), Rear Section(24lbs)






*** Please note the blue tips will fade over time. This is common on all blue tipped exhaust systems.

Customer Reviews

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cameron hough

Had the invidia on before and just wasn't satisfied with the sound put this on with my highflow catted downpipe and oh my goood sounds amazing 2016 wrx premium

Abraham Hernandez
Amazing product ETS extreme catback exaust

This is over all an amazing upgrade to your car.
It literally brought my sti to life with the full exhaust.
The craftsmanship of the welds the quality of the over all finished product is superb.
I love the rumble the sound is absolutely what I was expecting from ETS.
I do not regret purchasing it at all.


Nice and loud, love the sound, easy install with the band clamps. 3 differnt size gaskets included to fit stock cat, or aftermarket cat and down pipe. Amazing quality.


ETS Subaru WRX/STI 2015+ Catback Exhaust System

Omar Omar
Amazing sound

I have had the ETS Cat-back non resonated for a little while now. I am very satisfied with how awesome it sounds. The feeling this cat-back gave me right after installation was much better than the feeling of driving the car home from the dealership! It just completed the car in some way.

I have made a sound clip for people who want to compare it to other exhausts!

Adam Sebastian
ETS quiet

Great exhaust great company i definitely recommend



Ask a Question
  • I have done a bit of research, i have a Invidia Catted Downpipe w/ 2 Bungs Manual. If i have looked at everything correctly this will work with the down pipe on 17 wex

    Yes, you should be able to bolt up your downpipe to our catback as we have designed our exhaust system to be a direect factory replacement.

  • Will this fit a 21 STI? Want to make sure before I order.

    Yes, the 2021 has not changed and these parts will bolt up no problem.

  • What do i do with the graphite gasket?

    The order of gasket should go Downpipe -> Graphite Gasket -> Metal Adapter -> Vibrant Gasket -> Midpipe

  • Do I need an adapter to fit to the stock downpipe of my 2018 wrx?

    Nope! We provide everything needed for install.

  • Will this fit a 2020 STI?

    Yes the catback will.

  • So On my stock downpipe 16 wrx sti, which order do I put the gaskets?

    Here is how the gaskets should stack up with the factory downpipe and an ETS catback.

    Stock Downpipe -> Factory Gasket -> Adapter Flange -> Vibrant 3" Gasket - > ETS Catback

  • so with the stock downpipe on my 17 wrx, do i remove the donut gasket and use the three gaskets from the kit you sent, or do i keep the donut gasket on and use the gaskets you sent?

    You will want to remove the donut gasket and use the gasket kit we sent.  It should go Factory Downpipe -> Small Hole Gasket -> Adapter Plate -> Vibrant Large Hole Gasket -> ETS Catback

  • can it fit a cvt?

    The catback does fit the CVT models. Its the downpipe that does not.

  • Is this stainless steel?

    Yes it is. We use 304SS.

  • What's the weight of the cat back kit with the resonator? Thanks.

    The weight of this exhaust system boxed and shipped is 56lbs.

  • Do I need anything else like flanges or gaskets bolts anything at all. Does the kit comes with everything?

    This will include everything needed for install. That includes the adapter to work with stock exhaust. The only thing reused from the old exhaust is the stock gasket if you are running a stock downpipe.

  • Is it recommended to buy a new donut gasket for this install?

    No, you throw the stock donut gasket away.

  • Is everything included in the kit to connect to a stock down pipe or do I need any additional adapters or gaskets?

    Everything needed for stock downpipe and aftermarket downpipe is now included. 

  • Does this fit on 2019 wrx?

    The catback does fit all 15+ WRXs.

  • I have your ets extreme with res on my 16 sti and was looking to get the next one down? Just the tips tho? With mufflers. Was wonder what my options are

    If you want to add mufflers to your current catback this is what you will need


  • Hey, do you guys offer sponsorships or military discounts?

    Here is a link to our military discount - https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/pages/ets-military-discount

  • Does the ETS mid/y-pipe connect directly to the factory down pipe or do I need adapters?

    Yes, we designed our catback to be a factory replacement.  You will need 3" gasket. 

  • What is the size of the exhaust tip? 3 or 3.5?

    3.5" Quad tips!

  • Will I get a HP gain? If so, how much?

    You will see a power gain when matched with a quality tune. How much is really dependent on the tune.

  • With this mate with the Cobb downpipe?

    Yes it will


    Yes, it will

  • I was wondering if the ETS SUBARU WRX/STI 2015+ CATBACK EXHAUST SYSTEM fit a 2019

    The catbacks do fit the 19+

  • Will this fit the 2020 STI as well?

    We haven't had confirmed fitment on the 2020 yet but it should as I don't think they made any significan't changes to the bumper or chassis.

  • Is there anyways to just purchase the axle back muffler portion? I have an ets y and mid pipe and looking to get the mufflers

    Yes we list the rear section of the catback in the exhaust section of our website. 


  • one of my clamps fell off of my WRX 2018, is there a way I could get a replacement?

    Yes, we have the T-Bolt clamps available separate on our website. 


  • Is this legal for street use? What’s the current decimal levels?

    This is for offroad use. There are a lot of variants that dictate volume

  • Which combination do you recommend to avoid drone? Car is a 2019 STI and sees a lot of road trips.

    Resonators and mufflers are a must then!

  • Will the full exhaust system fit the 2019 Subaru wrx sti , and if so will it need a tune ?

    The catback will bolt straight up. No tune needed if the cat remains in place.

  • Do you guys offer military discount? If so how do i go about getting it on my order

    Yes we do. 


  • I'm considering both your j-pipe and catback exhaust for my 2017 WRX. Have you considered offering both as a turbo back system with the 2-bolt flange replaced with a v-band? With all the other connections being v-bands, it would be great to eliminate that last bolted/gasketed connection.

    We use the 2-bolt to make sure our Jpipe can pair with a stock catback, and our catback can pair with a stock Jpipe. If you purchase both of those parts it would be considered a "turbo back system.

  • Do i need a separate adapter to bolt this cat back on to my stock Sti downpipe?

    https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/15-19-sti-exhaust-systems/products/grimmspeed-subaru-downpipe-to-3in-catback-adapter This is what you are looking for.

  • Do the tips only come double wall? Really wanna run a full ETS J-Pipe to Catback/Turboback, but don’t like double walled tips.

    We only do the double wall on the Subaru exhausts.

  • Compatible with 2019 sti ?

    Yes, the catback is.

  • Will this exhaust require a tune? Can I run it with no issues after install?

    No tune required if the factory catalytic converter remains in place. To really benefit from it, we do suggest getting the tune.

  • is the exhaust full titanium and how much will the hp increase?

    The exhaust is Stainless Steel. 


  • I have a ETS full cat-back on my 2017 wrx with mufflers and I am looking to see if I can buy just the axel-back portion to get rid of the mufflers. Is that something I can do or do I have to buy the full new cat-back?

    Yes we do.


  • Sounds great but will this increase my hp? I currently have stock exhaust.

    Absolutely, anytime you can free up exhaust flow in a turbo car you are going to have better spool and be able to make power easier.


  • What is the difference in the ETS Catback Extreme with resonator and without? Which is more loud?

    Volume difference will be minimal, though the resonated is likely quieter. The resonator really just helps to reduce freeway droning.

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