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ETS 04-07 Subaru STI Front Mount Intercooler

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Intercooler kit

 The key component to any good intercooler kit is the intercooler core itself. All of our intercoolers use the same record-setting core used in all the ETS race cars. It utilizes an unrivaled internal fin pack with its extremely efficient design (made exclusively for Extreme Turbo Systems). You can buy with confidence when buying the ETS intercoolers. You're getting the highest quality parts available for your car.

  • Pressure tested to 35 PSI
  • Hand fabricated and tig welded end tanks
  • Record-setting core design
  • Huge 26"x11.5" core size
  • Built in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

ETS 04-07 Subaru STI Front Mount Intercooler (No Piping)

The intercooler piping can be found here.

Check out this awesome video by Dustin Williams!



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  • I have a 2004 WRX with a Full STi swap from a 2008 would this fit or would I have to get the one for a 2008.

    You will want the 04-05 FMIC kit.

  • It says it only fits 04-07 STI. I have a 05 WRX Wagon. Does it fit my car and if not how can I get it to work?

    Yes, it will fit WRX models in this year range as well.

  • Would this fit a 2018 sti

    No, it does not without major modification.

  • I own a RHD 2006 STI (in Australia). What is the problem with fitting the 4” intercooler? Is there a way I can do some fab work to get it to fit?

    The intercooler should fit without an issue.

  • What horsepower it supports

    We have multiple thickness options for everyting from stock to 1100+HP

  • What is the weight of the 4” core intercooler please ?


  • Will this fit a right hand drive 2006 Sti?

    No, it will not, unfortunately.

  • For me to mount this on my 02 WRX with 3" it still requires bumper trimming right? Also, how will it mount to the vehicle? Are there specific holes that go to a particular hole for a particular bolt?

    This will not bolt to an 02-03 WRX. The core support doesn't have the mounting holes for the intercooler It will require some fab work to make it fit. 

    The bumper will require trimming though. We have had customers make this kit work on an 02-03 WRX.

  • Stock turbo meaning stock location turbo like It will still fit with my fp black or I’d have to choose aftermarket for that ?

    An FP black would be an aftermark turbo. They use a 2.0" outlet which is slightly larger than stock.

  • When I select yes for the stencil logo, does that mean it is sprayed on already for me or it includes the stencil? Does this include hardware for mounting it to the car? Is a different crossmember provided with the intercooler for an 05 sti?

    Yes, the logo will come spray painted on the intercooler. 

    Yes, hardware is included. 

    The factory bumper beam must be removed.

  • What are the inlet and outlet sizes?

    They have a 2.5" inlet and outlet.

  • What is the 2005 STI front mount intercoolerrated for horsepower wise?

    Depends on the core thickness. 

    Generally we rate the 3" good to around 550WHP, 3.5" to around 650WHP and 4" to around 800WHP. They can handle more but these are the HP #s you want to start thinking about going up a core size at.

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