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ETS 04-07 Subaru STI Vband Rotated Turbo Kit

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PART NUMBER: 200-10-TK-130

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The 2004-2007 WRX STi ETS Rotated Turbo Kit is one of the most complete kits on the market utilizing optimal intercooler pipe routing and a larger ported s-cover along with a wide variety of turbochargers to match your performance needs. These Extreme Turbo Systems turbo kits are capable of supporting 300-1000hp+. This kit includes one of our Legendary V2 MaxFlow V-Band Manifolds!



  • Rotated Placement.
  • Larger Ported S-Cover w/ Anti-Surge Housing.
  • Vband Inlet/Outlet Turbine Housing.
  • Wide variety of turbochargers to match your performance needs.



  • Turbocharger (PTE, FP or Garrett) 
  • V2 MaxFlow Equal Length Header
  • 02 Bung in Downpipe
  • Wastegate 
  • 2 3/8" Up-Pipe (2 1/8" ID)
  • 2.5" Upper Intercooler Pipe (Under Intake Manifold)
  • 3.0" Downpipe
  • 1 3/4" Dump tube
  • Intake (4.0" Speed density or 3.0" Stock maf)
  • Oil lines
  • Water lines if needed
  • Overflow Tank Relocation Bracket
  • Couplers and Clamps

PLEASE NOTE: Orders with Precision turbos will get Precision wastegate(s). Orders with Xona or Garrett turbos will get TiAL Wastegate(s)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
ETS Gold Standard for Subaru Performance

Purchased this v band kit along with PTE 5558. I just want to thank ETS for their excellent customer service. I also purchased their “titanium anodized” intercooler piping with the order along with intercooler. They swapped out the intake pipe from the turbo to filter with a matching pie welded titanium anodized pipe to better make the piping match in my engine bay. I will always support ETS on and off the track. Please make a ETS patch so I can sew onto my Subaru racing jersey.

Iowa Kid
you get what you pay for

while expensive, this turbo kit is absolutely amazing. all of the welds, especially in manifold are a work of art. The vbands make it look clean and easy to work on. Fits perfectly in my sti swapped wagon. Only thing i wish it included are diagrams of pictures to show exactly where the support/relocation brackets and coolant lines for a coolantless turbo are supposed to be at.



Ask a Question
  • What Size Wastegate Does It Have?

    We use a single 44mm Wastegate on our single scroll Subaru kits.

  • What is the difference between the header that comes with this kit and the ETS SUBARU STI V2 MAXFLOW HEADER?

    There is no difference, we only sell one version of our Subaru manifold in a single scroll application. The Twin Scroll manifold will be a slightly different design, and is not available individually.

  • Can this kit go with a Perrin fmic?

    Our rotated turbo kit is designed to work with our rotated intercooler piping. Other manufacturers will use their own pipe routing, and are not usually compatible with our turbo kits.

  • Do you guys offer the T51r mod for the compressor housing?

    We recommend the customer to send their compressor cover directly to T51R as it will speed up turn around time vs us waiting for the compressor cover to be modified.

  • will this kit fit in a RHD 2006 Legacy GT2.0?

    Unfortunately, we don't know if this will fit or not.  A lot of the parts are interchangeable between the two vehicles, but the RHD steering rack will most likely be a problem with the downpipe.

  • Will the Garrett “G Series” turbo(s) be offered as a turbocharger option in the future with the “VBAND” kit?

    Yes we do offer them with the G series turbos currently. We just don't have them listed yet. 

  • Will this kit fit RHD?

    No, this doesn't fit the RHD models.

  • Will this fit the killer bee holy headers vband exhaust manifold?

    It does not fit the Killer B Manifold. It only works with the ETS header.

  • With that turbo kit would that be fine for the 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI and to make 550bhp

    Yes, we offer a range of turbochargers from 400hp all the way up to 1000whp.  One of our favorite turbochargers for 550bhp is the Garrett GTX3576 or the Precision Turbo 6062.

  • I'm debating between the two bolt conventional setup VS the V band clamp style and my question is, why does the v band start at $1200 more than the 2 or 3 bolt setup? Both kits include the same basic parts. Is there a performance advantage to the V band style?

    V-Band includes the header which is required to work with our V-Band Up-Pipe. That is the reason it is $1185 more.

  • Will the 04-07 sti ets rotated turbo kit fit on a Subaru Impreza wrx 03

    The piping will fit but the intercooler does not bolt on. The 02-03 chassis doesn't have the same mounting tab locations. So, it would require custom fab work to make this kit fit the 02-03 WRX models.

  • will this kit work on an 05 wrx with the ej205? if not is there a kit you make that does?

    This kit has been specifically designed to be compatible with the 04-07 STI. Although there is a possibility that certain parts may function on the 05 WRX, it might require adjustments such as relocating components like the coolant reservoir, considering slight variations in those parts. While we have observed customers successfully installing the kit on their WRX, we cannot provide precise details regarding the specific steps involved.

  • Will the turbo position in the kit clear the AMS Performance Intake Manifold?

    We have not installed this kit using that intake manifold, so we are unsure of what - if any - fitment issues may be present. We can say for certain that it works with the OEM Intake Manifold, Process West/Corsa Veloce, and the OE Subaru 2.5 N/A Manifold without issues.

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