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ETS 2014+ Lamborghini Huracan Turbo Kit

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ETS Lamborghini Huracan Turbo Kit

  • Twin PT6266 Gen 2 Turbochargers (Default)
  • Twin 60mm TiAL wastegates
  • ETS 4.0" stainless steel speed density intakes
  • ETS 3.5" stainless steel exhaust system w/ recirculated dump tubes
  • Breeze vband clamps for the exhaust system
  • ETS braided oil feed lines
  • ETS braided oil drain lines

Modular Turbo Kit System

  • At anytime you can upgrade your turbochargers for more power!  
    • PT6466 - 1500whp+
    • PT6870 - 1600whp+
    • PT7275 - 1800whp+
    • PT7675 - 2000whp+

Results (Stock Motor)

  • 12 psi - 3.8 second 60-130mph
  • 10 psi - 4.1 second 60-130mph
  • 10 psi - 3.8 second 100-150mph

ETS Water/Air Intercooler Kit

  • ETS Water/Air Intercooler
  • ETS Water/Air Ice Box
  • Dual ETS Water/Air Rear Heat Exchanger
  • Dual ETS Water/Air Front Heat Exchanger
  • High flow water pump
  • Twin 50mm TiAL blow off valves
  • ETS high temp 4ply silicone couplers
  • Breeze t-bolt clamps for intercooler piping
  • ETS braided water lines


  • Stock Motor
    • Pump Gas - 800whp+
    • Race Gas - 1000whp+
  • Built Motor
    • Pump Gas - 1000whp+  depending on turbocharger size.
    • Race Gas - 1800whp+ depending on turbocharger size.


  • We recommend using a Syvecs PNP Engine Management System.   See the YouTube video below for more information regarding the Syvecs PNP ECU.


Ask a Question
  • Will this fit a 2013 model?

    This kit fits 2014+ Huracans.

  • Do you have an authorized dealers that can install this kit?


    Yes, we have a few authorized dealers around the united states as well as international.  Please send us an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com with your complete address and we will put you in touch with someone in your area.  

    Thanks! Michael

  • The kit for 24k come with the water air coolers correct?

    Yes, the kit includes everything pictured. The 2nd picture down shows the heat exchangers and the water to air intercoolers for the charge air.

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