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ETS 04-07 Subaru STI 2-bolt Rotated Turbo Kit

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PART NUMBER: 200-10-TK-004

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Vehicle Fitment: 2004-2007 Subaru WRX STI

Experience ultimate performance with the 2004-2007 WRX STI ETS Rotated Turbo Kit. This comprehensive kit stands out in the market, featuring optimized intercooler pipe routing and a larger ported s-cover with an anti-surge housing. With a wide variety of turbochargers available, you can tailor your kit to match your specific performance needs, whether you're aiming for 300 horsepower or pushing beyond 1000 horsepower.


  • Rotated Placement: The turbo is strategically rotated for improved fitment and performance.
  • Larger Ported S-Cover with Anti-Surge Housing: Enhances airflow efficiency and prevents surge, ensuring optimal turbocharger performance.
  • Vband Inlet/Outlet Turbine Housing: Provides a secure and leak-free connection for improved durability and performance.
  • Wide Variety of Turbochargers: Choose from a range of turbochargers to precisely match your desired performance level.

Included Components:

  • Turbocharger (PTE, FP, or Garrett): Select from trusted brands to suit your preferences and power goals.
  • 02 Bung in Downpipe: Enables the installation of oxygen sensors for accurate air-fuel ratio readings.
  • Wastegate: Ensures precise control of boost pressure for optimal engine performance.
  • 2 3/8" Up-Pipe (2 1/8" ID): Facilitates efficient exhaust gas flow and compatibility with the turbo setup.
  • 2.5" Upper Intercooler Pipe (Under Intake Manifold): Provides a direct and efficient path for cooled air to reach the engine.
  • 3.0" Downpipe: Promotes unrestricted exhaust flow, enhancing overall performance.
  • 1 3/4" Dump Tube: Efficiently releases exhaust gases from the wastegate, maintaining boost control.
  • Intake (4.0" Speed Density or 3.0" Stock MAF): Options for accommodating different engine management systems.
  • Oil Lines: Ensures proper lubrication and cooling of the turbocharger.
  • Water Lines (if needed): Supports additional cooling if required by the specific turbocharger.
  • Overflow Tank Relocation Bracket: Relocates the overflow tank for optimal fitment and clearance.
  • Couplers and Clamps: Includes all necessary couplers and clamps for a secure and leak-free installation.

Please Note: Orders featuring Precision turbos will come with Precision wastegate(s), while orders with Xona or Garrett turbos will include TiAL wastegate(s). Rest assured that you'll receive the appropriate components for your chosen turbocharger brand.

Unleash the full potential of your 2004-2007 Subaru WRX STI with the ETS Rotated Turbo Kit. Whether you're seeking impressive power gains on the street or dominating the track, this kit delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Upgrade your turbo setup today and experience the thrill of boosted power like never before.

Customer Reviews

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Kyran Collier
Ets 07 Sti rotated kit

Not a single modification needed to the kit, 100% bolt on solution. Hardest part was figuring out the relocation bracket for the expansion tank tbh. Quality material packaging and fitment.

Best turbo kit on the market

This turbo kit is high quality in material and Weld sand it’s one of the best on the market that I’ve ever seen and used. I would highly recommend ETS turbo any day For all the Subaru makes And models and with this turbo kit there is a really high power gain With the airflow from this product.



Ask a Question
  • I am currently running stock location with the full ETS Front Mount Kit. Does this kit include the charged pipe from the turbo to the pipe from the inner fender from your guys front mount kit? Or is that another option that needs to be purchased.

    The turbo kit will include the charge pipe that comes off of the compressor outlet and will connect directly to the existing fender pipe that connects to the intercooler. The 04-07 Turbo Kit doesn't have a rotated conversion like the 08-14 or 15+ and will connect directly to an existing ETS FMIC Kit.

  • Do this kit fits right hand drive cars?

    No, this kit is not compatible with RHD vehicles due to steering rack fitment issues.

  • Does the two bolt option fit any two bolt header?

    Yes, any stock fitment 2 bolt flange.

  • When yku refer to 2 bolt or 3 bolt or vband, is that the flange the bolts to the cat back exahust mid pipe? Alos do you offer a twin scroll setup for 04-05 Sti?

    That is the connection to the header. 

    We don't have a twin scroll setup for the 04-05 chassis unfortunately.

  • Does the downpipe come with a bung for an Air/Fuel sensor?

    It doesn't include an extra bung but we can add one by request.

  • Can you guys make a t3 uppipe for a borg warner? I have a s300sxe with a t3 hotside inlet and a 3 inch vband outlet. I really would love to use your guys kit as i used it in my old forester and it made amazing power. Thanks, Hunter

    We can not unfortunately. We only offer the Up-Pipe flanged for V-Band (PTE, Garrett or FP) or T4 Open

  • Is the downpipe/up pipe suitable to wrap to protect the engine bay just a little bit?

    Actually, we do not recommend wrapping or ceramic coating any ETS Products for longevity of the parts.

    Wrapping or using a ceramic coating will cause the material to retain all of the heat, and by not allowing the material to dissipate heat properly, you can build up a bunch of heat and can overheat the welds over time. This can lead to brittle welds that are prone to cracking and failing, and for this reason we only will warranty parts that have been wrapped or coated for a period of 90 days post purchase.

    The best solution for heat mitigation is heat shielding on the parts that you are trying to keep cool. We use Thermal Reflective Tape on many of our Race Projects!

  • What is the AR for G25-660 or G30-770?

    We can use any of the available A/R Vband Hotsides upon request, but we usually will go with the middle-of-the-road option as the default.


    0.92 (Default) 


    0.83 (Default)

  • Can I get this kit without the turbo

    Yes, under 'Turbocharger Option' you will want to select the 'No Turbo' option with your preferred choice of flange.

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