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ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X Dump Downpipe

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PART NUMBER: 100-10-EXH-002

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The ETS Evolution X Dump O2 Eliminator Downpipe is a direct replacement for the stock O2 Housing and Downpipe. This Evo downpipe features a vent to atmosphere wastegate dump for an intimating sound at wide open throttle. This downpipe has been engineered to be one of the highest flowing downpipes on the market with a CNC tapered flange that matches the turbine outlet perfectly.


*For Off Road Use Only*
** Warranty void on wrapped/coated downpipes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jordan Martinez
Ets open dump evo x

Fits amazing and wasn’t too hard of a install and most importantly it sounds insane and rowdy at wot so if you are into the crazy loud external wastegate sound then this is perfect for you, will definitely hurt some ears

Ish P
This is how an Evo should sound

This downpipe is a work of art, the welds and craftsmanship is next level. I had no difficulty with fitment and installation. There is no boost creep with my setup! When I give it the beans and potatoes, the sound turns heads and people can’t believe what just passed them.

Moises ortiz

Sound aggressive love it

Eh Htoo
BEST Downpipe For Evo X

Love the sound. Recommend.

Jose Freire
Ets Evo x open dump downpipe

Part got delivered quick and sounds amazing when driving the car I would highly recommend this part

Kashaf Iqbal

ETS 08-16 Mitsubishi Evo X Dump Downpipe



Ask a Question
  • Is it possible to get this downpipe without a cat?

    This does not come with a catalytic converter in it.

  • Does this downpipe require a tune

    Yes, we recommend tuning with this downpipe.

  • Hey... What's the diameter on this downpipe and can it run re-circulated?


    This is our recirced downpipe. Diameter is 3.0"

  • Will this downpipe work on most test pipes (Top Speed Pro 1)?

    Yes, it does. It will work with any test pipe that works with the stock downpipe.

  • Same or more or less whp gains than the rest or the test pipes?

    Test pipe deletes the cat which is super restrictive. We recommend doing both at the same time.

  • Will this downpipe bolt up to the V3 Catback?

    The downpipe on the Evo X actaully bolts to the test pipe/catalytic converter. But yes, this downpipe will work with our test pipe/HFC and catback exhaust.

  • I see that the warranty is voided for wrapping this down pipe. I ordered one last Sunday and had planned on wrapping it for heat control and to increase the longevity of the pipe. Do you not recommend wrapping this pipe?

    Wrapping or coating holds the heat inside the piping material. This reduces the life of it greatly. It adds a ton of stress to pipes. We strongly suggest not wrapping hot parts.

  • With the open dump are you losing power ?

    Not at all, it is essentially only a difference in sound.

  • Do you sell a replacement downpipe gasket?

    Yes we do! https://www.extremeturbosystems.com/collections/evo-x-exhaust/products/ets-08-15-mitsubishi-evolution-x-downpipe-gasket

  • Does this downpipe work on a Mitsubishi Ralliart?

    No, The Ralliart turbo uses a different flange. This will not fit a Ralliart unless you are running an Evo X turbo and manifold. 

  • HI, what is the diameter of the Downpipe? SKU: 100-10-EXH-002

    The diameter of our downpipe is 3.0"

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