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ETS 08+ Subaru STI Top Mount Intercooler

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Best TMIC on the market! Extreme Turbo Systems has designed a direct bolt on top mount intercooler for the 08+ Subaru STI. This intercooler features a large 19x7x4 core with 31 charge rows! Most competitor intercoolers have between 24-25 charge rows. By having 31 charge rows our intercooler has 62 heat transfers vs our competitors 48 heat transfer place which results in a greater heat transfer area. This core is designed specifically for 2008+ Subaru STI this is not an off the shelf core. Unlike our competitor's intercooler, we require no modifications to the a/c line that runs behind the intercooler. The intercooler also uses studs to mount the blow off valve instead of bolts, this means no stripping out the holes when over tightened. This intercooler has been designed for maximum performance.


  • 19x7x4 large intercooler core
  • Direct bolt on
  • Mounting studs for blow off valve. (No stripping the holes)
  • Clears the A/C line.
  • 31 Charge Rows / 62 Heat Transfer Plates (Competitors: 24 Charge Rows / 48 Heat Transfer Plates)
  • Weight: 20lbs


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  • does this fit with ets rotated kit?

    The TMIC does not fit with our rotated kit. It requires a front mount intercooler.

  • Will the stock or stock replacement bpv bolt on

    Yes it will

  • Does this come with a coupler?

    This includes the coupler to the throttle body.

  • Do you guys offer the 21" x 7" x 4" intercooler core size? I noticed Rallysport is selling it but only the Silver core. I am assuming the 2 inches make a difference in better cooling, new to this. But I am looking to purchase the red with stencil. Do you guys also offer military discount ? Thanks for your time.

    Core density plays a much bigger factor then the size of the core. This is good for cars under 500whp. 
    The link above is our military discount.

  • Is the standard Sliver Core also anodized?

    No it is not. It is raw aluminum

  • Does this require a tune as a standalone upgrade or can i just do a one for one swap with the stock TMIC for the ETS TMIC and be good to go without a tune?

    You can just swap it out without a tune but a tune is always recommended.

  • What is the size diference between the STI +15 stock intercooler vs. this one? How much in %?

    Our TMIC is over an inch thicker, our finpack is way denser and we split our finpacks 3 times. This allows for way more cooling surface area.

  • What is the difference between this 08+ STi TMIC and the 04-07 STi TMIC that you offer?

    The 04-07 TMIC is a smaller core and uses different mounting locations.

  • How much hp is this intercooler rated for?

    We have some cutomers running around 550WHP but we typically recommend the TMIC for cars 500WHP and under.

  • Will this work on a 15+ WRX?

    No, this does not fit the WRX model. It only works on the STI. 

  • Will this intercooler fit a 2008-2014 WRX?

    No, this does not fit the WRX model. It only works on the STI. 

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