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ETS Focus RS Intercooler Piping

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PART NUMBER: 400-10-ICP-001

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Upgrade your Ford Focus RS intercooler with the exceptional ETS Intercooler Piping Kit. This kit offers a seamless direct bolt-on installation, compatible with both the factory intercooler and our upgraded ETS intercooler, eliminating the need for multiple piping upgrades.

Our extensive testing has yielded remarkable results. With this piping kit, you can experience an immediate increase in boost and improved throttle response, all without requiring any modifications to the factory tune. Additionally, you'll enjoy a smoother and more usable powerband, enhancing your driving experience to new heights.

The ETS Focus RS Intercooler Piping Kit includes:

  • 2.5" hot side and cold side charge pipes, precision-crafted for optimal performance
  • ETS High-Quality Silicone Couplers, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection
  • ETS Stainless T-bolt Clamps, providing reliable and robust clamping force
  • A sleek Powdercoated Black finish, not only enhancing aesthetics but also offering protection against the elements

Upgrade your intercooler with confidence and unleash the full potential of your Ford Focus RS with the ETS Intercooler Piping Kit. Experience enhanced performance, improved throttle response, and a powerband that will truly impress.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Richard Barbosa
ETS Intercooler and Charge Pipes

This def. Increases the air flow for sure and throttle response, I also purchase with the Intercooler as well and adds a bit more weight, but lower temps big time…. HOWEVER, this kit will not fit properly with a Mishimoto oil catch can since it sits near the hot side of the pipings unless you make some modifications. But other than that, performance is a A++ and fitment is an A.

Gerald Eaton
Ford Focus RS Turbo, intercooler, and charge pipes

Exceptional quality and great customer service. You get what you pay for with a smile

Aaron Hughes

Great product

Daniel Lonthoff
ETS Focus RS Intercooler Piping

Excellent quality, great Service and easy Shipping to Germany. Tank you!

Ronald Wilson

ETS Focus RS Intercooler Piping

colby Cox

Great product



Ask a Question
  • Hi can you use stock charge pipes for the ETS intercooler

    Yes, we designed our intercooler to work with factory charge pipes.

  • Hi can you clarify what the meth bung is for? Like is that the easiest way to do a wmi setup? And do I need to buy any clamps or anything for this kit? And if I order it with the meth bung does it come with a tap to close it off until I get that setup in?

    The meth bung is for WMI. All you need is a meth injection kit. Our intercooler piping comes with all the coupler and clamps you need! It will have a cap to use until you decide to go with meth injection.

  • what size t bolt clamp is needed to couple the throttle body to the charge pipe?

    This is the T-Bolt Clamp you need. 


  • What is the box size for 400-10-ICP-001?


  • Estimated time to ship this item?

    Ships the following day of purchase if it is raw aluminum and on the shelf. If it has to be built it is 2 days after the order. If it is anodized it will be about 2-3 weeks before shipping as we outsource anodizing. The ETS Stencil adds no additional time to the process.

  • Can a mount for the HKS SSQV be added for an additional cost?

    We charge $35 to add a BOV flange.  If you would like this done please send us an email to sales@extremeturbosystems.com and we will send you an invoice through the website.  👍👍

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