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ETS Subaru STI V2 MaxFlow Header

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The wait is over! Extreme Turbo Systems is proud to release our new Subaru STI V2 MaxFlow Exhaust Header for the 2004+ Subaru STI.

We designed our ETS V2 MaxFlow Header to be a direct factory replacement header. We start off with large 1 7/8 primary runners that come together in a true low angle 4-1 merge collector that then flow into a huge 2.5" secondary for maximum scavenging and exhaust flow.


  • 1 7/8" primary runners with 2 1/2" secondary for maximum flow.
  • CNC mandrel bent runners.
  • Custom .100 USA made thick wall tubing for durability.
  • Low angle 4-1 merge collector for maximum flow and exhaust scavenging.
  • Slip fit connection for ease of removal and installation.
  • 2-bolt or Vband up pipe flange options.
  • Stock replacement design.
  • Low profile design for maximum clearance.
  • Surfaced flanges for a leak free seal.
  • 304 Stainless steel construction.
  • 100% built in house and made in the USA.

Check out this awesome video by Dustin Williams.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
jesse Herrera
ets v2 exuast manifold

amazing quality doesn't compare to any of the other manifolds I've purchased in the past

Remmy Evans
ETS v2 max flow headers

Best headers on the market. Especially If you wanna make power

Vadim Iskhakov
Love the Headers!!! The Best on the market.

My Tomei headers cracked at the welds, last week, wanted something a bit more solid, v2 max flow headers are unbelievable, made extra power by 30WHP at top end on my 30R setup.
Couldn’t be happier, dont look elsewhere guys, the best man made headers you can get online today, tnx for overnight shipping guys!!!

Great fitment, solid design, and beefy flanges.

Thank you

Justin S
Great header

As much a I love the uel sound I don’t think I can ever go back. The power delivery and smoothness of the elh made my STI a lot more enjoyable.

cameron Woodward
Great product!

Made my engine come alive! I got an increase of power threw the whole power band and I broke 391WHP and 451WTQ on a VF52 stock air filter and box and top mount 🤘🏼

Dominic Melendez
Sounds good, pulls hard!

These retain the rumble fairly well, but it does sound a little higher pitched. Overall the car sounds healthier, and drives smoother as the throttle seems to be more responsive. Car holds way more power on the top end and picked up about 30WHP overall. If you are tired of making peak power at 5K, and then having to drop off into the nether, then these headers are for you!



Ask a Question
  • Will this fit with The iAG Oil pan (05 Sti) ?

    We actually build our header using a larger than OEM oil pan on the jig for this very reason. Our header is designed to clear the larger oil pans on the market for the EJ motor.

  • Which of your Subaru STI 04-07 Turbo Kits is this ETS Header compatible with? Meaning, should I buy the V band kit, 3 bolt kit or 2 bolt kit?

    ETS header is compatible with all of them. You are doing a V-Band connection the header and turbo kit must be ordered at the same time. If 2 bolt or 3 bolt it doesn't matter. Just make sure to match the header and up-pipe connection. 

  • I have ETS turbo kit on my 2010 wrx sti with old version headers along with Killerbee big oil pan. Will i be able to swap to MaxFlow headers with out any modification?

    Yep, the V2 would be a direct swap.

  • Will there be a unequal length headers offered for the 15+ STi?

    No, we only have plans to offer the equal length option we have. It retains the STI rumble.

  • in regards to the question about the CSF rad with oil cooler. It will not fit. the header does not allow clearance for one of the oil line fittings.

    Thanks for the feedback it is much appreciated!

  • Will this fit with the killer b oil pan on the 15+ sti's?

    yes it does

  • Can the stock plastic splash shield be retained with this header?

    Yes it does.

  • Are these consideredequal length

    Yes it is.

  • I want to buy these headers with a matching v-band, flanged, up-pipe thats externally waste gated. Do you guys offer it? I can’t for the life of me find it on y’all’s website. Also, will this bolt up to any manufacturers up-pipe, so long as it’s a v-band flange?

    This in v-band only works with our up-pipe and we have to build them at the same time. 

    We can sell the up-pipe separate from our rotated turbo kit if you want to build the rest of the kit your self.

  • Will a coated option be available?

    We do have options to have it coated. This would need to be a custom option. Please call if you want to order this with coating.

  • Will this clear the CSF radiator with built in oil cooler

    We do not have confirmed fitment with that exact setup. I see no reason why it wouldn't fit though.

  • Will you guys consider making a vband upipe to pair with this as an option?

    We do make a V-Band up pipe that pairs with this header. You can order our turbo kit and select the v-band option and it will bolt right up to this as long as you order them at the same time.

  • I want this header for my stock STI, which flange do I choose?

    The 2 bolt option is a direct replacement for the stock header.

  • Hello guy’s. What’s the inside diameter for the new V2 Max Flow header?

    The internal diameter of the 1 7/8" runners are 1.65 (.100 wall thickness).

  • How can we get this shipped to california

    No, headers have to be CARB approved and our is not CARB approved.

  • Will this fit a Cobb up pipe and a killer b oil pan

    It works as a replacement for the stock header and does clear the killer b oil pan. So, it should work with those.

  • Are you guys considering to add a 3 bolt flange option for us folks running the tomei headers?

    Yes, we are considering it if the demand is there.

  • This maybe a stupid question but would this be consider an Equal Lenght header.?

    Yes it is.

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